Ultimate project ideas for mechanical engineering

Fabrication of queries controlling system for two wheeler
Fabrication of man less defense
GPS based vehicle root tracking system
Fabrication of Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
Design and development of voice / Tele operated intelligent mobile robot (IEEE 1997)
Fabrication of Automatic head lamp alignment system with Dim/Bright Controller
Automatic sensor based wall painting robot
Remote controlled scrap collecting vehicle
GPS based automatic vehicle accident information system
Automatic Differential Unit locking system for Automobile
Remote controlled tilting handicapped wheel chair
Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
Smart shock absorber for automobile
SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
Fabrication of Adaptive breaking system
Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track
Fabrication of Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone
GSM based two wheeler security system
Fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer
Automatic Break Failure indicator and Engine Over Heating Alarm
Two Wheeler Automation with security System
Combined hydraulic and disk break
Vehicle Accident identifier with SMS informer
Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
Remote controlled air craft (Flying Model)
Automatic Pneumatic welding Robot
Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler
Remote operated weapon system
Fabrication of Sub-Marine (Model)
Automatic Scrap collecting Vehicle
Fabrication of Gear Level Indicator for Automobile
Automatic Vehicle Over speed Controlling System
Fabrication turbo charger for two wheeler
Video analyzing remote controlled vacuum cleaner
Fabrication of Electro-Magnetic braking System For Automobile
Fabrication of Go Ped Drive
Fabrication of Foldable two wheeler
Intelligent Braking System in Four Wheeler (IBS)
Emergency Braking System in Four Wheeler (EBS)
Anti-Lock Braking System In Four wheeler (ABS)
Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
Fabrication of Automatic pneumatic jack
Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System By using Ultrasonic Waves
Fabrication of Automatic steering control system for automobile
Fabrication of Multi-Engine compressor
Computer controlled wireless robot with wireless Camera
Fabrication of Solar Race Car
Fabrication of Multi Nut (Wheel) Tightner
Electro-Hydraulic System for Automation in Four Wheeler
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Automatic material handling Fire Fighting Robot
Aero plane Controlling System (Flying Model)
Fabrication of Hydraulic Break show riveting Machine
Automatic Vehicle Accident prevention system
Digital locking (Fuel, ignition, side lock) system (Password) for Two wheeler
Efficiency increasing system in automobile
Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner
Digital locking system for material handling vehicle
Fabrication of hydraulic screw jack
Intelligent Way Searching Pick and Place Robot
Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment
Fabrication of Path finding Vehicle
Fabrication of turbo super charger for two wheeler
Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology (IEEE 2008)
Fabrication of Automatic hand break Release
Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
Fabrication of Foldable Electric Go Bed Drive
Shock Absorber Test rig using Cam and sensors
The development of intelligent home security robot (IEEE 2005)
Automatic temperature controller with cooling system for car
Fabrication of four wheel steering system
SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system
Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
Hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler
Efficiency Increasing System in Automobile by using preheating method
A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels (IEEE 2005)
Remote controlled material handling equipment
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
Fabrication of Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Jack for Four Wheeler
Automatic reserve indication system
D & F of Triangular air Compressor with Common Compression Chamber
Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler
SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
Cordless security System for Cars
Sensor Operated Track Guided Vehicle
Fabrication of Motorized Hydraulic Jack
Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack
Fabrication of Emission control of Diesel Engine
Fabrication of oil pump and water pump for jeep and tractor
Pick and Place jumping robot with remote control
PC Based wireless material handling vehicle
Fabrication of Solar Powered Automobile Air Cooler
AI Based Path Finding Vehicle
Fabrication of Road curve finder
Fabrication of Electric Two Wheeler
Automatic head light dim and bright controller with engine overheating alarm
Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System
Automatic steering control Mechanism using sensor
Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
PC based cordless pick and place Jumping Robot
Fabrication of Automatic car overtaking system
Cell Phone Controlled pick and place Robot
Railways accident Avoiding System “ (Level crossing and Fire Alarm)
Fabrication of Automatic Magnetic Accident preventer for Train
Fabrication of Electronic ignition system
Quick lifting jack with Gear Arrangement
Cell Phone Controlled jumping Robot
Automatic sky Car Parking System
PC based wireless Pick and Place Robot
Artificial Intelligent Based Automatic Path finding [censored] Video Analyzing vehicle
Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch
Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
Remote controlled Pick and Place video analyzing robot
Fabrication of Fuel Injector testing equipment
Fabrication of Catelite converter for Automobile
Fabrication of Solar Hybrid Car
Fabrication of Fully Automated Intelligent Vehicle (Car Model)
Fabrication of Hybrid Vehicle
Sand Collecting Vehicle
Fabrication of Kids Car
Fabrication of Lube oil cooler
Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine
Fabrication of Wind Energy Vehicle
Fabrication of Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic Jack
SMS controlled moving vehicle for industrial application
Voice Controlled Material handling vehicle
Cell phone controlled Solar Vehicle
Fabrication of Gas kit for two Wheeler
Fabrication of Electro-Hydraulic Braking system for Four Wheeler
Fabrication of Gas kit circuit board for two and Four Wheeler
Auto clutch for Automobile
Fabrication of Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller
Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
Automatic Visitor Guided with material handling Vehicle
High Speed Indication and automatic Pneumatic Braking System
Automatic Railways Signaling System
Fabrication of Unaided Guided Vehicle(UGV)
Highways High Speed Sensing and Automatic Speed Braking System
Fabrication of Path Finding Robot
Sensor Operated Automatic Reverse Braking System
Automatic Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
Fabrication of PC based pick and place sequence robot
Fabrication of Automatic Railway Gate Controller
Digital Fuel Level Indicator
Fabrication of Car Automation
Automatic Vehicle Speed measuring using IR Rays
AI Based Fire fighting AGV
PC based pick and place jumping robot
Automatic Rain operated wiper and Head light Dim/Bright Controller
Fabrication of Gas kit for Four Wheeler
Fabrication of Two Wheeler Automation with Security System
Fabrication of Electrical Steering Mechanism
Fabrication of Vulcanizing machine
Fabrication of Battery Car
Fabrication of Sensor Operated AGV
Fabrication of Coin Separator Machine
Fabrication of magneto-bearing system
Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine
Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine
Automatic Scrap Collecting Vehicle
Pneumatic Operated three Axis Modern Trailer
Fabrication of thermo-electric refrigerator
Automatic Pneumatic Paper cup folding Machine
Fabrication of air bag automation
Mirror cutting machine by using compressed air with abrasive stone mixture
Automatic bar feeding mechanism for hack saw machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Machining Time Reduction in Shaping machine
Fabrication of Remote controlled Scrap Collecting Vehicle
Remote controlled wheel chair [censored] bed
Fabrication of Tube Rolling Machine
Auto Indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping Machine
Fabrication of Spring Testing Machine
Fabrication of hydro-pneumatic clamping system
Fabrication of Spring End Grinding Machine
Fabrication of Water Cooler [censored] Air Conditioner
Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment
Fabrication of Non-Conventional Air compressor
Fabrication of Multi-Engine Compressor
Fabrication of Vacuum conveyor for industrial Application
Fabrication of Fully automated Drilling Machine
Fabrication of Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery
Automatic Pneumatic Grinding Machine
Accident preventing system for automatic pneumatic printing press
Automatic pneumatic multi-purpose press
D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Riveting Machine
Fabrication of Pelton Wheel Turbine
D & Fabrication of Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment
D & F of Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System
Fabrication of Electronic Hack Saw Machine
Fabrication of Automatic typical Pipe Cutting Machine
D & F of Automatic Coil Winding Machine
Accident Avoiding System in Heavy Cutting Machine
Fabrication of pipe thread cutting Machine
Fabrication of Automatic punching/printing conveyor
D & F of Involute Gear Profile Error Detector
Digital Locking System for material handling Vehicle
D & F of Multipurpose Pneumatic Pressing Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic High Speed Reciprocation Hack Saw Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Drill Jig
D & F of Automatic Lubrication Machine
Fabrication Pneumatic Leaf-Cup Making Machine
D & F of Chemical Powered System (CPS)
D & F of Pneumatic Printing Press Machine
Automatic Car Parking System for apartment Building
Sensor Based Automatic paint marking machine for sprocket Industries
Automatic Packing control machine for industrial application
Design & Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
Automatic accident avoiding system for machines
Sensor Based Inspection Conveyor
Automatic Visitor Guided with Material Handling Vehicle
Self centering 4-jaw chuck for lathe
Simple indexing stepper motor in shaper Machine
Automatic Water level Sensing Crane
Fabrication of Accident preventing system in cutting Machine
PC based wireless material handling vehicle for industrial application
Remote controlled Material handling crane
Automatic Dish Washing Machine
D & F of Hydraulic Press with Power Pack
D & F of Gear type Injection Moulding Machine
D & F of Scissor Platform with Hydraulic Power Pack
Quick Lifting Jack with Gear Arrangement
Fabrication of Waste chill recovery heat exchanger
Fabrication of Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
Automatic boring mechanism for foundries
Fabrication of friction Welding Machine
Fabrication of Remote operated weapon system
Fabrication of shot blasting machine
Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
Fabrication of double drum wet grinder
Fabrication of mantles defense
Fabrication of sewage water treatment plant
Automatic pneumatic vice and jack
Fabrication of bucket wheel escalator
D & F of Automatic Embossing Drilling Machine
Fabrication of water cooler [censored] air conditioner
Remote controlled motorized zip crane
Fabrication of transformer heat reduction system
Fabrication of furnace using infrared Lamp
Fabrication of Soar Air conditioner
Fabrication of Automatic multi point grease gun
Fabrication of Turbo Super Charger for two wheeler
Fabrication of Double axis Pneumatic JCB
Compressed air production using Vehicle Suspensor
Solar Powered Auto charging grinding machine
Remote controlled tilting wheel chair for physically disable
Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine
Fully automated chapathi making machine
Fabrication of hydraulic Disk Brake
Fabrication of Automatic Steering Mechanism
Fabrication of Pneumatic belt Conveyor
D & F of Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe
Shocks absorber testing Machine
Energy Saving Light Arrangement
Power Saving System for Lathe
Automatic Pressure controller [censored] Valve Open/Close Arrangement
Automatic Gate Open/Close System
Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner
Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System
Automatic Vulcanizing Machine
Paper Counting Machine
Industrial Boiler Flame Remote Adjustment System
D & F of Abrasive Cutting Machine
Fabrication of Coir Making Machine
Fabrication of Cylinder Block Boring Machine
Fabrication of Road Marking Machine
Fabrication of Bottling of sugarcane juice Machine
Fabrication of Grass Cutting Machine
Fabrication of lathe Coolant Pump with Fitting Arrangement
Fabrication of Tool Post Grinder
Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack
Fabrication of Rotary Kaller
Fabrication of Escalator
D & F of Injection Moulding Machine
Fabrication of Maize de-Husker
Fabrication of Hydro Power Plant
Fabrication of Concave Attachment for Lathe
Fabrication of Arbor Presses Machine
Fabrication of Eccentric Press Machine
Fabrication of Fly Press Machine
Fabrication of level Operated conical bending Machine
Fabrication of hand Operated edge Folding Machine
Fabrication of Semi-Circular Cutting machine
Fabrication of Hydraulic Hand Operated pipe Bending Machine
Fabrication of Rotary Gear Pump
D & F of Self primary Centrifugal Pump
D & F of two stage Self Primary Pump
Automatic Cylinder Boring Machine
Automatic Motorized Door Open/Close Mechanism
Motorized Focus Light Mechanism (In All Direction)
Automatic Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine (Heater Control)
Automatic Lamination Machine
Mini Crushing Machine
Electrical Spot Welding Machine
Automatic Plant Water Moistering System for Garden
Automatic Water level Indicator and Controlling System
Aero plane Controlling System (Glider Model)

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  • Reya
    Digital Controlled Coil Winding Machine
    Fabrication of Air Leak Detector
    Temperature Controller with Cooling System
    Fabrication of Spark Plug Tester
    Automatic pneumatic Gear Changer
    Automatic Dam Shutter Control System
    Portable Pipe Cutting machine
    Fabrication of Variable Drive Gear Box
    Fabrication of Motorized Crane
    Remote control Dish Antenna Tracking System
    Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery (Foldable Type)
    Fabrication Folding Mobile with Gas and petrol
    Fabrication of Electronic Braking System
    Fabrication of Magnetic Iron Separator
    Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine
    Fabrication of Sensor Operated Automatic Ramming Machine
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Grinder
    Fabrication of Pedestal Spot Welding Machine
    Motorized Wheel Chair for Physically Disabled
    Hydraulic Puller for Automobile Engines
    Fabrication of mist coolant system
    Fabrication of spring separator
    Fabrication of tomato Grader
    Fabrication of Air leak Detector
    Fabrication of Hydro Coupling Mechanism
    Fabrication of Fiber Extracting Machine
    Fabrication of Hybrid System for home
    Fabrication of Revolving gate compressor
    Fabrication of Detra fan for Industrial Application
    Fabrication of Mini milling machine
    Automatic pneumatic welding robot
    Remote controlled air craft (Flying Model)
    Fabrication of Magnetic coolant filter
    Auto charging grinding machine with solar power
    D & F of Multi-Engine Air Compressor
    Fabrication of Steam Power Plant
    Combined hydraulic and disk break
    Fabrication of Sub-Marian (Model)
    Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine
    Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System
    Design and Fabrication of Cam Vice
    Fabrication of Multi Nut Tightner
    D & F of Micro Boring Attachment
    D & F of Circular Cutting machine
    D & F of Screw Slotting Machine
    Fabrication of Copper Wire Cutting machine
    Fabrication of Rubber Melting Machine
    Fabrication of Mini Water Service Station
    Fabrication of Multi Drill Holder
    Fabrication of Special Purpose Tapping Machine
    Fabrication of Hydraulic Vice with Power Pack
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine
    Fabrication of High Speed Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Paper cup Making Machine
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine
    Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Hand Operated Zip Crane
    Fabrication of Lamination Machine
    Fabrication of Universal Tapping Machine
    Fabrication of Twin spindle Drill Holder
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Puller
    Fabrication of Marine Engine Model
    Fabrication of Dosai Maker
    Fabrication of Cold Chamber Die casting Machine
    Fabrication of Portable Service Unit
    D & F of Hydraulic Lift with Power Pack
    D & F of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Press
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto Indexing Drilling Machine
    Fabrication of Brass Screw Threading And Tapping Machine
    Fabrication of Sensor Operated Pneumatic Automatic Punching Machine
    Fabrication of Sheet metal Cutting Machine
    Fabrication of Bending/Bend Removing Machine
    Fabrication of Rotary Vane Pump
    Fabrication of Concave Attachment in Shaper
    Fabrication of Plate Bending Machine
    Fabrication of Lawn Mover
    Fabrication of Sheet Straightening Machine
    Fabrication of U-Type, V-Type, L-type Angle Bending Machine
    Fabrication of Wood Turning Lathe Machine
    D & F of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
    Conversion of tap or Salty bore well water into purest, tastiest bottled Quantity Drinking Water
    Fabrication of Home Floor Mill
    Fabrication of Vacuum Pump
    Fabrication of Radial Plunger Pump
    D & F of Abrasive Belt Grinder
    D & F of Pneumatic Slow & High Speed Drilling Machine
    D & F of Wall grove Cutting Machine
    Fabrication of Multi-process Cutter
    Fabrication of Milling Attachment for Lathe
    Fabrication of potato chips making machine
    Fabrication of Ground Dryer
    Fabrication of Auto feed pneumatic Vice
    Fabrication of Hydraulic Pallet Truck
    D & F of Mini Hydraulic Press Machine
    D & F of Pneumatic Ramming Machine
    D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Drilling Machine
    Fabrication of Slotting Attachment in Drilling Machine
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine
    D & F of Manual Coil Winding Machine
    Fabrication of Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine
    Automatic Power Saving Conveyor for Industrial Application
    Fabrication of Floor Cleaning Machine
    Fabrication of cylindrical Tapping Machine
    Fabrication of sand collecting Machine
    D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Punching and Riveting Machine
    Fabrication of Cam Operated Valve
    Fabrication of Pantograph Universal Gas Cutting Machine
    Fabrication of spring Loaded Fan
    Fabrication of Automatic Sofa Comports
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Quick return Mechanism
    Fabrication of Multi-speed gear box
    D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Punching Machine
    Fabrication of Automatic cold chamber Die Casting Machine
    Fabrication of Automatic Bottle Washing Machine
    D & Fabrication of Hydraulic Lift using Pressure Booster
    D & F of Pneumatic Multipurpose Press
    Automatic Break Failure and Engine Over Heating Indication
    Fabrication of Domestic Floor Mill
    Fabrication of Hybrid Vehicle
    D & Fabrication of Portable Slotting Machine
    Fabrication of Automatic Dish Washing Machine
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine
    D & Fabrication of Hydro-Pneumatic Vice using Pressure Booster
    Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
    Fabrication of Oil Pump Testing Equipment
    D & F of Scissor Platform Machine
    Fabrication of Sheet Rolling Machine
    Accident Avoiding System in Punching Machine
    D & F of Automatic Drilling and Tapping machine
    Fabrication of self feed Drilling Machine
    Fabrication of Miniature Lathe
    Fabrication of Multipurpose Sheet Metal Machine
    Fabrication of Automatic Spring Rolling Machine
    Fabrication of Motorized Sheet Rolling Machine
    Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice
    Automatic Birds scrarer Machine
    Fabrication of vegetable slice machine
    Fabrication of Impulse turbine
    Fabrication of switch board Cutter
    Fabrication of Francis Turbine
    Fabrication of Pedestal Spot welding Machine
    Fabrication of hydraulic hybrid system
    Fabrication of Oil pump testing Equipment
    Fabrication of Pedal Washing Machine
    Automatic potato chips making machine
    Fabrication of Miniature Boiler
    Portable Circular Saw Machine
    Pneumatic Operated Chapathi Making Machine
    Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane
    Fabrication of Cylindrical grinding Machine
    Automatic high speed Bottle Washing Machine
    Chisel Plough
    Coconut tree Sprayer
    Fabrication of Solar seed Dryer with Auto Tracking
    Fabrication of Tomato grader
    Fabrication of Hydraulic 3 axis Modern Trailer
    Fabrication of vegetable slicing Machine
    Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System for Garden
    Automatic Water Tape Controlling System
    Automatic Packing control Machine
    Fabrication of Agricultural Motor Pump Running using Solar Power
    Fabrication of Solar Agro Sprayer
    Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine
    Water Pumping system using Wind Power
    Fabrication of Seeds Sprayer
    Fabrication of rotary Kaller
    Load tests and many other tests on composite material (for automobile industries)
    Design of pressure vessel to code specification
    Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG)
    Fabrication of Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
    Electricity and Water Pumping System using Wind Mill
    Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer
    Fabrication of solar irrigation System
    D & F of Gas Converted Power Sprayer
    Solar Powered Agricultural Water Pumping System with Auto Tracking
    Fabrication of Solar Seeds Sprayer
    Automatic bottle washing machine
    Automatic Water level Sensing Crane
    Fabrication of Maize de-Husker
    Paddy Harvester
    Groundnut Harvester
    Groundnut Thruster

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