uBuntu On Android

uBuntu operating system will now soon be available on multi-core Android powered phones. What this means is that your mobile will carry Android & uBuntu operating systems both working in sync with each other; sharing data and services. In order to get full fledged desktop experience; you'll just have to dock your Android to a bigger screen & connect a wireless keyboard.

Checked detailed coverage on VoiCE: https://www.crazyengineers.com/ubuntu-for-android-announced-1851/ 👍
Woah... Something like Windows Pocket Phone, now the Ubuntu people have started... Really awesome and commendable! 😀

Sharing the thread in my page on Facebook! 😁
uBuntu coming to mobile devices is totally amazing step towards personal computing; I guess. I'm already envisioning a future where laptops would be gone; desktops would be replaced by the phones with projectors in them.

But the future will then largely depend on Lithium Ion Batteries!
Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar

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Whoa... will boost android+note (samsung galaxy note ) type devices.

Reaction from windows

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