Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Desktop Won't Be Shipped With XMir As Default Display Server.

XMir is an implementation of X11 running on top of Mir display server providing compatibility layer for desktop environments and applications designed for X11 to run on top of Mir.


While XMir was expected to ship as default display server in upcoming release Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander, Just after one day Ubuntu 13.10 entered final-beta stage, Oliver Ries announced the delay on XMir update for Ubuntu 13.10.

It was declared in the Ubuntu-devel mailing list that, delivery of Mir+XMir+Unity7 for Ubuntu 13.10 desktops ain't going to happen due to 'outstanding technical difficulties'. Though they are on track in successfully delivering Mir display server for Ubuntu-Touch (Ubuntu for Smartphones & Tablets) whose latest 13.10 stable build will be releasing on the same day when Ubuntu 13.10 desktop build is releasing i.e. 17th October 2013.

As per Ubuntu-devel mailing list, the issues/bugs are located in XMir part of stack which provides integration between X server & underlying Mir system compositor. Meantime, Canonical didn't mentioned whether this delay will affect default Mir display server adoption in next LTS release, Ubuntu 14.04. We cannot assume anything about Mir on 14.04 right now.

Enlisting few reasons below, which I think is the reason behind setback of XMir as default display server in Ubuntu 13.10 :
- Intel management pulled support for XMir. So, Ubuntu development team had to carry patched versions of Mesa, xf86-video-ati & xf86-video-nouveau out-of-tree to support XMir in 13.10 release, and thus affecting core development of Mir. Intel should've helped Canonical by carrying XMir upstream patches.

- One of the largest XMir issues existing right now is 'Improper Multi-monitor support'.

- The Proprietary nVidia and AMD graphics drivers doesn't support Mir out of box. However, Oliver Ries in mailing list did mentioned that GPU vendor support of Mir is 'Progressing Forward'.

Source : Ubuntu Fridge | XMir update for Ubuntu 13.10


  • Pensu
    Whoa! A setback? XMir wasnt being supported much, but not making it default is a serious issue. I wonder will Canonical give up to the pressure! 👎
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    Intel is acting like kids. Just because Canonical didn't used Wayland/Weston as display server. They picked up their toys & went back home. (Wayland/Weston founder is Intel employee)
    Isn't that's the way Microsoft & Apple do ?

    Few months before when Ubuntu planned for XMir as default display server, Intel did merged XMir upstream patches & pulled it on next day, commenting "By Management".

    Canonical is equally faulty here, They're so self-centered in their own project that none of the Ubuntu developers are helping FSF in anyway. Not by a single patch.
    Also, it's kinda naive move by Canonical to drop Wayland & fork it, name it 'Mir' & ask for support from the same developers who really created the original source(Wayland).

    IMHO Canonical should ship Ubuntu with two display servers : Weston/Wayland & XMir. At the same time put some of their developers in helping improving Wayland stacks, that's the only way Canonical can get support from Intel in XMir.

    Ubuntu have lost it's direction of being a desktop OS, rather than they're more focused in Ubuntu touch. (Which is the reason why Mark Shuttleworth marked as fixed for launchpad bug #1)

    Come on this isn't Opensource way! We help eachother. Stop stomping eachother.

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