uArm Is The Arduino Powered Robotic Arm For Your Desk - Use It For Your Comfort

When the tech-savvy engineers among us are too lazy to move their hands while at their desk for work or homework, robots come to the rescue. Here comes in picture - The uArm - a Miniature Industrial Robot Arm for your desk. Developed by UFactory, uArm could be your personal robotic assistant that can act as a computer controlled table lamp, a business-card giver, a music player or just a homework doer. Developed out of laser cut acrylic or wood parts, uArm is an Arduino-powered desktop 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm, modeled after the ABB industrial PalletPack robot. You can use uArm to have a small assembly line right on your desk and make it do things for you as you get busy developing other robots.

The uArm project is now up on Kickstarter and the great news is it is completely open-source. Users can do their experiments with robots and coding using the uArm project. If you are someone who doesn't want to dip your hands into the coding lake, thankfully there's an easy-to-use Windows application for you. So, people with no programming background can also enjoy the fun of robotics. The basic design is Arduino-controlled with 4 degrees of freedom. Three servos on the base control the main movement of the arm and the mini servo on the top moves and rotates the object. The end-effector of the arm is always kept parallel to the ground.


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In the following two videos, you can check how uArm can be controlled by mouse -

and how you can use it stack cups -

The team is now working on developing the Android and IOS apps so that the users can control the uArm via Bluetooth as well. Electronics engineers can check their Arduino library specifically for controlling the uArm. So if you are familiar with Arduino, you can program it directly with Arduino IDE. By calling different functions, you can easily move uArm to your desired position without doing tons of hard math. To know more about their project, check #-Link-Snipped-# on Kickstarter.

How do you like the idea of a robotic arm on your desk? Share your thoughts with us in comments below.


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