Types of Cable faults

1. Open Circuit Faults
2. Short Circuit Faults
3. Earth Faults
But in Wikipedia I have noticed
*Screening faults
*Phase faults
*Sheath faults
*Faults due to moisture


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Mate Short circuit and open circuits are not faults They are conditions of operation
    In case of transmission lines if the cables are shorted using stubs then that is ideal and it is needed to increase the range of transmission. Similar condition occurs in open circuit stubs as well
    But Based on operating condition for every cable there is a threshold moisture content. Once if it exceeds then there is failure of cable.
    Sheath gets injured by abrupt turning and twisting of coil Thereby leakage occurs a lot in cables. This is Sheath fault
  • ogundele kehinde samuel
    ogundele kehinde samuel
    Sorry! If I may get u right, you open circuit and short circuit are fault? Please, in one word, what are they n pls give details.
  • aarthivg
    @#-Link-Snipped-# ,

    In general, fault can be said as abnormal. Relating with electrical, we can say it has unusual flow of current. In simple terms,
    short circuit: excess of current.
    open circuit: interruption of current.

    There are several reasons for short circuit and open circuit.

    condition for operation: to test the transformer
    open circuit test- to determine the core losses of a transformer.
    short circuit test- to determine the copper loss of a transformer.

    ogundele kehinde samuel
    open circuit and short circuit are fault?
    simple, when we talk about a circuit, which affected by open circuit or short circuit we use term fault.
  • ogundele kehinde samuel
    ogundele kehinde samuel
    I stil more clearification please.

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