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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 25, 2009

Twitter on AirTel

AirTel, India's major telecom operator has introduced twitter on phones. Now users will be able to access twitter from their Airtel powered phones and twit.

What do you think?
I am just thinking how and why twitter / facebook are getting so much popularity 😁
Thats a good news !!!

I have the following question:

My friend who has a account on Twitter gets messages when some one he follows twits.

So why someone needs it ??

This is my question 😀
I dont understand , he is getting messages to his mobile if some one twits!!

Why then need those updates I am not getting it !!!

I think I am not using it may be the reason!!!

I am not getting what you want to say / ask ?? 😒 😁
I am not getting what you want to say / ask ?? 😒 😁

Sorry buddy , I was thinking something when I was typing this!!

Edited my post!!!
durga ch
durga ch • Oct 26, 2009
does some one care?:rollingeyes:
I give a damn to Twitter / Facebook
sarveshgupta • Oct 27, 2009
really a good debatable topic : Need for Twitter

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