Tutorial: Use audio reminders, while launching applications!

Ever thought of doing something after starting the application and forgot it when something new comes? Let me go through a small script, which "speaks" when you start an app, reminding you of something! 😀

Using a bit of simple VBScript you can create smart launchers, or "smartcuts" that talk to you and alert you or remind you to do things when you start an application such as change the default printer.

Enter the text in line one you want to be spoken when you click the shortcut, enter the path to the application in line two, and save to your desktop as a vbs file:
Message="Change the default printer to black and white"
Application="C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
WScript.CreateObject("WScript.shell").exec Application
WScript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak Message
Do say your tryouts! 😀

PS: This works only on Windows, as it uses Microsoft VBScript! Others, I will try finding some shell script! 😔


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