TrueCaller And Twitter To Hunt For Your Name, Phone Number & Handle In India

TrueCaller, a global phone directory app for smartphones and feature phones, in its move to expand user base in India, has announced a tie up with Twitter, the popular social networking and messaging platform thereby expanding its huge database. Most people have linked their mobile numbers to their twitter account. Due to the TrueCaller app's integration with Twitter's services, a person using both apps can check if any number is connected to a Twitter account and if there is a match, he or she can directly follow that person or send him/her a tweet right through the TrueCaller app. The Twitter integration is coming out first on Truecaller’s free Android app and will extend to its iOS app in 2014. “Our goal has always been to have Truecaller on available all platforms and we will continue to keep it a multi-platform product,” TrueCaller CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi says. “The Truecaller 4.0 for iPhone will be rolled out in the coming weeks and early next year also on Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.”

So, the next time you have a missed call from an unknown number, you have a new way to find out whose number is it. For those who don't know how TrueCaller works, we have a discussion going on How does true caller work? at the CrazyEngineers community. In a nutshell, using Truecaller app, one can type in a phone number and find out that number's owner's name, it's network's name and the network circle (i.e. Area - Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc.) they are in. The app will do this in exchange of numbers and contacts from your phone, which it will use to update its global mobile database. If you have 3G or WiFi turned on, the app helps you identify who’s calling before answering. It also keeps your phonebook up-to-date with photos and more from the Truecaller community, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


Headquartered in Stockholm, Truecaller was founded in 2009 by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. Truecaller is available on all internet-enabled devices and on the web. It's partnership with Twitter comes as a part of the TrueCaller 4.0 release today. It has launched a new design for this which is free-flowing with larger pictures, and thus provides more personal experience for the user. A new feature called Badges has also been introduced. The Verified badge symbolizes that a user's name is true, according to Truecaller phone community. The Premium badge is if a user has upgraded to a Premium account, and the Ambassador badge is for the Truecaller Team members and Truecrew Brand Ambassadors.


I personally believe that, a lot of people over the Internet still prefer to remain anonymous and refrain from sharing personal details. People who share contact numbers and email IDs mostly want to keep them hidden, so that it is made visible to only those concerned. Similar is the case with Twitter. Many tweeters may find it not-so-cool that their phone numbers & twitter handles are getting leaked to anyone using the app. We would love to hear your opinions. Share them in comments below.


  • lal
    In case you don't want your name and number listed in true caller, do it here:

  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    Is there anyone who know how exactly Truecaller is making money?
    I read that their Data Base security layer is so powerful that best of hacker's can not crack that; if that's so good of a software how they make money is a bemusing question for me.

    Anyone has any clue?


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