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SNK • Nov 12, 2008

True One-time Pad Secured Error Checking Coded ROM Encryption Technology

hi everyone!!!!

hope u all great brains doing good.....i want to ask something im selecting my final year project these days so i have cam accross a number of ideas......
i want to discuss one of them............TOPSECCRET that stands for
"True One-time Pad Secured Error Checking Coded ROM Encryption Technology".......i have studied a bit on it but need ur guidence now ............... anyone having any knowledge on it plz let me know and also will this b possible to practicaly implement it on our level??????
any other suggestions are more than welcome.....
waiting for soon relpies.........
take care
Bizblogged3 • Nov 26, 2008
[FONT="]TOPSECCRET is an acronym for True One-time Pad Secured Error Checking Coded Rom Encryption Technology. This is the project name for a simple digital device for Cooper Union’s freshman Digital Logic Course(EE150B). The purpose of this device is to transmit encrypted text over a full-duplex data bus in real time, using an "unbreakable" encryption scheme. In addition, the circuit verifies the integrity of the text being transmitted with a parity check. For this project, two terminals were connected to the data bus, and a "spy" terminal placed in between to simulate interception of the encrypted message.[/FONT]

Thank you sharing This useful informations.
durga ch
durga ch • Nov 26, 2008

I searched the World Wide Web 😀 and thought this site might be helpful for your basic inputs.


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