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Transportation engineering-Question bank

Question asked by CIVILPRINCESS in #Coffee Room on Dec 1, 2010
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1. Explain briefly the various planning surveys to be carried out for planning a highway system for a region.
2. What are the recommendations of Jaykar Cmmittee regarding the road development in India? How did these were fulfilled by the Govt. of India?
3. Enlist the various traffic studies that are normally carried out and discuss any any one in detail.
4. Why we are using Traffic signs ?Explain different Traffic signs with their sketches.
5. Explain on-street and off-street parking.
6. What are the different factors to be consider in the design of road lighting ?
7. Explain the following with respect to Traffic Engg.
i)PIVE Theory
ii)Origin and Destination study
8. Enumarate the types and purpose of curbs.
9. What are the various factors which affects road user characteristics?
10. It is proposed to align two lane highway in an urban area , it was necessary to provide a horizontal circular curve of radius 300m . The design speed of vehicle is 90Kmph.Length of wheel base of largest truck = 6.1 m. Design the following geometric features:-
i)Super Elevation
ii)Stopping Sight Distance
iii)Intermediate Sight Distance
iv)Extra-Widening Posted in: #Coffee Room
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11. Give the analysis of overtaking Sight Distance. Comment on overtaking
12. Enumarate the factors affecting the designing of pavement.
13. Explain the following
ii)CBR Method of Pavement Design
14. Enumarete the different methods carried out for testing of aggregate.
15. The overtaking and overtaken vehicles are 70 and 40 Kmph, respectively on
a two way traffic road . If the acceleration of overtaking vehicle is 0.99 m/sec2
i)Calculate safe overtaking sight distance
ii)Mention the minimum length of overtaking zone
16. Write short notes on the following
i)Emulsion and Cutback
17. What are the different equipments available for excavation ?
18. Explain Pneumatic Tyred Roller and Sheeps foot Roller in brief with .
19. What are the different teqniques available for bituminous pavement
20. 20:-What are the different types of failure in flexible pavement?
Rank A3 - PRO
1. Enumarate the factors affecting the selection of site for a bridge .
2. Explain how the bridges are classified .Comment on the numbering of bridges.
3. What is Skew Bridge ?Explain why it is not adopted in bridging major river
4. What are the difference between a Deck and Trough type bridge
5. What are the classification of bridges? Differtiate between permanent and temporary bridges
6. Derive the relationship for economic span of a bridge and comment on its limitations
7. Enumarate various loads and forces acting on a bridge.
8. Write short notes on bridge foundation .
9. What factors influences while deciding the choice of type of pile? Describe different types of piles which are used for the foundation of bridges?
10. Explain the design criteria of abutment.
11. What are the bridge bearing? Discuss their stability.
12. Explain the following terms
ii)Skew Bridge
iii)Design Discharge
13. Why regular maintenance of bridges is necessary? What will happen if it is not done properly and timely?
14. What points should kept in mind while inspecting suspension bridges?

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