Transformer Winding

hello everybody,i had this doubt for a long time.nobody could clarify this for me.well ,in a transformer there are high voltage and low voltage windings.i've read that in order to reduce the eddy current losses first, half of the low and half of the high voltage windings are taken and around one limb of the core first half of the low voltage winding is wound and after insulation half of the high voltage winding is wound on it.similarly ,for the second limb the same procedure is followed.actually what is the process going on in the transformer which reduces the eddy current losses. if anyone of u could answer this query ,please explain it to me in detail.thanks in advance.bye


  • Arp
    Re: transformers

    think if lv wdg is on one limb and hv on another then there is a lot of gap in bw two wdg due to this huge gap u can imagine the leakage flux happens to be more and mutual flux decreases
    eddy current is the current produced by interaction of leakage flux and cond so if leakage flux more then eddy current more then eddy current loss reduces..
  • Wuebbs007
    to reduce eddy current try to get the core's plates as close together as possible (Unless i have Hysterisis and eddy current Confused)

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