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hi im an electrician and i can not program and dont understand any of this or the various options i am going to use a device which will use a serial interface rs232 or422 it will give 1000 pieces of data/sec (10 bites each i think) which will be into a laptop the transfer rate is 1.2k baud to 460.8k baud,ascii,8n1 i dont really understand this. i want to set parameters to obtain data from this data stream it says it has programming with windows terminal program (eg ldm tool or hyperterminal) i dont understand that either, i would like the data to be stored in a simple program can anyone explain this a little to me?
i dont need this extra info answered now but i would also like to remotely start/stop/reset the program and device and have the data return to the remote device several hundred meters away and be displayed any cheap and easy solutions , i think there are many options i just dont know them and they probably arent cheap or easy?


  • xheavenlyx
    1. I did not understand your post.

    2. What do you mean by 'Device'?
    3. What 'data' are you communicating? Sensor data? User data?
    4. What is your requirement on hardware side? and your budget?


    You HAVE to learn software these days since the thin line between engineering fields is disappearing. Get some books on Digital communications and digital devices.
    Online you will find a lot of information. Read it up. It impossible to explain each and everything about rs232, serial, parallel, PLCs, remote devices, remote access, DAQ's and so on.

    good luck ๐Ÿ˜€

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