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Toyota's 86 Features World's Most Unique Engine: Unveiling At 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

Question asked by Farjand in #Coffee Room on Nov 28, 2011
Farjand · Nov 28, 2011
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Come the opening of Tokyo motor show for general public and they will witness rebirth of the racing sensation of 1980s the AE86 model. It is an attempt of the world's leading automobile company Toyota to come back again in the racing scene after a long gap with the official launch of 86, along with its twin model Subaru's BRZ- the coming Spring.

Image Credit: AutoBlog

The car maker which is famous for the reliable cars and efficient performance has used its advanced engineering skills in the development of 86. 'Hachi-Roku' as it is called, features world's first horizontally opposed boxer engine integrated with Toyota's D-4S direct injection technology. The 2.0L engine is capable of generating 200HP power with environmental performance and a maximum engine speed of 7000RPM. Customers can select in between two transmission option either a six speed manual transmission or a six speed automatic transmission.

Toyota had partnered with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd of which it owns 16.5%. Fuji's brand Subaru has tried to imitate the advantageous features of 86 in its BRZ. The development of boxer engine was possible because of the independent approach of both the car makers in design. Subaru specializes in turbo and all wheel drive symmetrical technology while Toyota is well known for its rear wheel drive technology in its vehicles. In a survey by Toyota, it was found that although the lap timing means a lot in actual racing, people wanted a racing car which would be suitable even on a normal road rather than just on the track. Hence both racing and road considerations reflect in 86's design.

Toyota's racing car was in news since long time was spotted at the Fuji speedway circuit. For sports lovers, this car has a price tag of $32,200 (2.5 million Yen). Racing car 86 promises you the excellence it delivered in 1980s. It is a combination of the traditional reliability and powerful sedans with the acceleration and optimized lap timing of a racing car. The Reborn AE86 sports car will be main attraction of 42nd Tokyo motor show starting November 30. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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