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@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Jan, 2015 • 3 likes
Toyota Kirloskar Motors managed to surprised auto-enthusiasts as it announced the new Toyota Fortuner 2015 4x4 Automatic. The premium SUV that dominates the road was expected to get an upgrade in this year; but no one really expected the announcement would be made this fast. Toyota SUV design and engineering team seems to have addressed concerns from the existing customers in their latest launch; but only to some extent. Let's inform you about the features and the price of new Toyota Fortuner 2015, 4x4 automatic.

The new Fortuner now comes with dual front airbags; for both the driver and the front passenger. From the mechanical engineering perspective, the Fortuner now has 4x4 automatic option. The earlier range only offered automatic transmission option in the 4x2 drivetrain. The exterior majorly remains the same but with smoked head and tail lamps. The fog lamps now have a silver bezel. Fortuner also has a dark-grey alloy wheel paint scheme in the latest model.

On the interior, Toyota has offered all-black interior along with dark-wood inserts. The infotainment system gets an upgrade with touch-screen display, DVD playback, built-in GPS navigation and also voice recognition. The dashboard is completely black for an extra sporty look.


In addition to the 3.0L version; Toyota's also introduced a 2.5L Fortuner; which is the same 2494cc turbo-diesel engine from Innova. The power and torque offered by the fortuner however, are significantly higher than in Innova. The engine produces 142 bhp at 3400 rpm and 34.9 kgm torque between 1600-2800 rpm. The Fortuner 2.5L isn't available in the 4x4 configuration but Toyota's compensated it with a 5-speed automatic transmission - which could be a pure marketing decision from Toyota.

The new Toyota Fortuner 2015 price list is as follows:-
  • 2.5L | 4x2 | Manual Transmission: Rs. 24,44,200 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • 2.5L | 4x2 | Automatic Transmission: Rs. 25,44,200 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • 3.0L | 4x4 | Automatic Transmission: Rs. 26,58,929 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • 3.0L | 4x4 | Manual Transmission: Rs. 25,58,929 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • 3.0L | 4x2 | Manual Transmission: Rs. 24,26,700 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
  • 3.0L | 4x2 | Automatic Transmission: 25,26,700 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Is Toyota Fortuner 2015 the SUV to own in this year? Do let us know your thoughts, opinions and views.

Source: Toyota Bharat
@Ankita Katdare • 09 Jan, 2015 So I read the report that thanks to the increased excise duty, the base variant of Toyota Fortuner price is increased by over Rs. 2,00,000! In fact, each variant will now be costlier than what is was before the increase. ...As if year-end price increase wasn't enough.

PS: BTW, The 4x4 automatic version looks solid! Any Fortuner dreamers around here? 😍
@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Jan, 2015 I'm waiting for the new Ford Endeavour (Everest) to launch in Indian markets. Hopefully it will come in this year.

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