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Tough Times Ahead For Asimo

Question asked by andyKane in #Coffee Room on Feb 2, 2011
andyKane · Feb 2, 2011
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[​IMG]The world watched with eyes wide open when the Japanese Giant Honda presented their first humanoid robot “Asimo”.  This little child sized, astronaut like robot which can run at a speed of 6km/h and is able to climb stairs became very famous all over the world in no time. Asimo was created by Honda’s R&D Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center and since its creation Japan has always been dominant in this field.

Well, in this era where monopoly is very rare, the Japanese dominance had to find some tough competition. Recently, South Korea demonstrated full size humanoids with much perfection in legs as seen in Asimo.

Other nations are in the race too! Here are some which are going to give a tough time to Asimo in the future robot race:
[*]REEM-B (Pal Robotics, Barcelona)[​IMG]</strong>
This 1.47 meters high, 60 Kg robot developed by Pal robotics is designed so as to help humans in day to day work. Though its speed is just 1.5Km/h, it is still the strongest humanoid on the earth till date. With the powerful actuators in its legs and arms, this humanoid can carry a load of 12 Kgs, something that the Asimo won’t be able to even push!
[*]CHARLI ( Virginia Tech’s Robotics lab, VA)
CHARLI, the name stands for “Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence” has a [​IMG]distinguishing identity by becoming the first ever wireless, autonomous, full size walking humanoid built in the USA.

It was developed at Virginia Tech’s Robotics lab, by Dennis Hong, professor of mechanical engineering and director of the lab, with fellow graduate and UG students.

The unique thing about CHARLI is that it doesn’t use rotational joints. (Most of the robots including Asimo use DC motors for rotation of the joints) This gives it an advantage of becoming more human-like.

Research is still on to make CHARLI’s motions mimic just like the human beings. It is being updated with custom-made linear actuators.<strong>

In a soccer match, Hong is confident about CHARLI over Asimo!
[*]SURENA 2 (University of Tehran’s Advanced Vehicles Center)
IRAN, the country always in controversy due to its nuclear program, makes an entry in the world of [​IMG]robotics too, with SURENA 2. This humanoid is developed by Univ. of Tehran’s Advanced Vehicles Center. As IRAN has made SURENA 2 public, unlike its nuclear research, we can’t be sure of what humanoid technology is hidden in their labs!

Jokes apart, this 1.45 meter high, 45Kg humanoid was developed to study bipedal motion (motion by 2 legs). Research is being made on a feedback system that will give SURENA 2 a much more human like motion.

Its speed is less than that of Asimo, but it can bow and stand on one leg! If the latest news reports are to be believed, it can even dance! Now that sure is creating a lot of competitiveness with the Asimo.

As the humanoid technology is advancing day by day, its not far from now when there will be a robot in every home assisting everyone, and walking robots will find work at various places, from warehouses to manufacturing centers (remember the movie “I, Robo”?). Now whether it is a boon or bane, time will tell. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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