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An. • Nov 1, 2009

touch pad gear shift

I guess in dis new technology a touch pad gear shift should be give a try .
The car should be setup wit a small microprocesser chip which tels the driver wen to change the gear ,so here we need some use of a program'd device which should be made is such a way tat at a particular speed should start blinking in the screen of d stearing then so on .the touch pad should be fixed on the stearing so that it makes the driver covinent .

PLZ reply /post some comments
Wel come to CE family

It is already in Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (i think)
it allows the driver to shift gears with the touchpad or the simple levers on the steering wheel. (in Manual mode )

Do not use SMS language
its simple .you just need to program a microcontroller which has to light two LEDs
1. RED if the gear you are using is high....indication to decrease the gear..
2 GREEN if the gear you are using is low ...indication to increase the gear.

now during programing program the microcontroller in such a way that if the speed is in between

1-10 km/hr Ist gear
11-20 km/hr IInd gear
21-30 km/hr IIIrd gear
31-40 km/hr IVth gear
41-above Vth gear

so if the speed and the gear match with the above table then there will be no LED lightening ..and if the driver is using a low gear then immediately GREEN LED start lightening which indicate to increase the gear.......and if he is using the high gear then immediately RED LED start lightening indicating that you should decrease the gear.......

you can also change the speed limit or the no. of LEDs and their color......
gohm • Nov 2, 2009
Racers have benn using them for a long time as far as the indicators go. Rev. display lights up a band of LEDs ranging through yellow to red. A shift light is a simple strobe that lights when needing to shift up for maximum use of the powerband. A touch screen shifter is a neat idea. Would it be connected to a pnuematic speed shifter setup?
An. • Nov 2, 2009
NOw it should be even on the indian road vechiles...
so that common man can use d luxury of the car ........
Amanni • Nov 12, 2009
I am currently

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