hi..i want to know about torrents...what are these.....
how to download them...and every possible infomation possible..
actually i visite da website was trying to download some torrent ..but whenever i saved something i found that it was a torrent file....
what do u mean by that.....TORRENT FILE...this was just a file in some kilo bytes....i didn't get the data i needed...whats the solution??
what is to be done...???


  • Elisa
    Hi, I think you missed out on an article in download section. Follow the link and download the article. It will answer most of your queries.

  • mahul
    u first need to download a client that's "bit torrent" and install it on ur machine. now these kB fles that u r downloading will automatically be used by the client program to download the files u want and they would be defnitely large size files

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