@Umamageswari • 25 Dec, 2011
Anyone knows the torque structure ?relation between the speed and torque?
@Reya • 25 Dec, 2011 Torque and speed are inversely proportional. why did you give 5 and 3 as options? what does it mean?
@veereshsg • 25 Dec, 2011 Torque can be increased at the cost of speed.
@Siddhant Mukherjee • 31 Dec, 2011 • 1 like at a constant power output torque is inversely to speed. if power is increasing torque or speed or both can increase significantly.
@CE Designer • 03 Jan, 2012 For any rotating machine:
Torque is propotional to the power but,
inversley proportional to velocity.
If you need more information with regard to application please say.
@Abhilash T Anto • 11 Jan, 2012 at constant power ,speed is inversly propo to torque.. P=2*pi*N*T/60..
@antuan.o • 20 Jan, 2012 So torque is inversly to speed? Could you explain your formula please. Why /60 ?
@N.Gowtham Raj • 26 Jan, 2012 /60 is for N.....
N is revolutions per minute
But T is in seconds
So , we convert rpm(revolutions per minute) in to rps(revolutions per second) dividing it by 60...
@N.Gowtham Raj • 26 Jan, 2012 • 3 likes Torque is the load carrying capacity in crude words...
More over the best example for demonstrating the difference is

1. BENZ car- High speed, Less torque(Load carrying capacity- 4+1 people)
2. BUS - Low speed , High Torque(High load carrying capacity-55 + 2 people)
@Al-Otaiby • 26 Jan, 2012 Power[kw]
={torque[N-m]*pi*rotational speed in RPM }/30000

=torque[N-m]*pi*rotational speed in RPM

={Power[kw]*30000}/pi*rotational speed in RPM

From the above formula,it is clear that torque decreases with speed in Torque vs speed curves.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torque
@zaveri • 27 Mar, 2012 in even more simple words,

speed : it is merely the number of rotations of a wheel or gear per second or per minute or per unit time.

torque : it is the leverage applied to rotate a circular machine member . it is the product of the force applied on a wheel to rotate it and the diameter of the wheel.

thus greater the diameter of the wheel , the lesser the force that can be applied.

and thus when the diameter of the wheel increases its speed decreases

hence torque and speed are inversely proportional
@Ravinder jamwal • 07 Jul, 2015 i think increase in torque also increase speed

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