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sameer_mech • Jul 19, 2008

topic on project in mechanical and all

i m mech engg final yr. student,

would u plss help me out in suggesting some topic on project in mechanical as soon as possible....
Differential • Jul 19, 2008
One of the idea I thought during my engineering was developing a small machine which will tell you all the parameters related to a gear (backlash, spacing between teeth, no of teeth, etc) when you place a gear on the shaft of that machine !
gohm • Jul 19, 2008
You might also want to post this in the topic forum as you could get other ideas there, good luck!
sameer_mech • Jul 21, 2008
can u plss tell me the details of that machine....

as how to get started n

how bout d economy to b spent
Differential • Jul 21, 2008
The machine was not developed, rather it was an idea. How about a machine connected to a computer and having a shaft. You mount your gear on shaft, the machine scan's it (the same way xrox machine scans a paper) and determines gear's parameters which will be finally displayed on computer screen. Remember, this is very high level idea, and it's you who will dig out more to convert it into actuals.

sameer_mech • Jul 21, 2008
well..its a great idea but i wanna know the economy of that u have ny idea??
sonasathish • Jul 26, 2008
well! is this relates to engineering metrology??

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