Top Inventions In 2013

friends todays is the last day of year 2013 and in this year we get some good things and some bad things here i want to tell you about the some inventions in 2013 which are able to make dratic change in human life these are as forllows:
1. Bio absorrbable stentus
the drug controller general of india recently gives a permission to the use of bio absorbable stentus. it will maninly designed to help the heart patitent.

2. Persionalised medition
The great Briten has developed a new type of madicine which is developed he use of the dna of an person. By using this medition there should be a drastic change in the cure of the patitents of cancer etc. And it may be possible the use of this medicine should be in other countries recently.

3. The 13 billion years old glaxy
The glaxies are the gerat interset of many people so it is a great news for them is that a farthest glaxy is searched by the help of nasa hubble telescope. it contains 7 glaxies which are 13 billion years old.

4. kalajar vexcine
the scientist of indian institutes of chemical biolozy Nahid ali has developed a new kalajar vexcine. he has worked for more than 10years on it and now he got success.

5.Natural heartpaceaker
this year a new tchnique of increasing the heart rate by injecting a special zene in the cells of pacemaker to cure the cells defects is very wll known.

now this year a great sucess in the field of curing the hiv aids. Now the great information is that now the aids is also curable. After a long period of experiments the doctors are now got successs in designing the vexcine for the HIV aids.


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