TiVo co-founders launch Qplay, an Internet video streamer device

TiVo co-founders had revolutionized the way people watch TV by letting us pause and rewind live TV or watch it later by recording it. The founders are now shifting their focus to broadcast internet by introducing a new device - קידום אתרים אורגני / קידום בגוגל. רוצה לדעת יותר? תלחץ | Qplay. Qplay is a new way to enjoy viewing videos from the Internet. It consists of a device that plugs into a TV and has a service that helps you find videos to watch.

The Qplay device is controlled through an application that can be installed on an iPad. From the application you can select videos that are separated into categories, or "Qs". Queues, or Qs, are ready-made playlists that are auto updated with new videos from around the web. Since the product is still in its beta testing stage, Qplay works with only YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram at the moment. Premium services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus will be added soon. Users can also create and share their custom queues and also follow others' personal queues. The concept of Qs is the key difference between Qplay and other similar devices such as the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Launched - Is Apple TV Scared?.


As of now the application works only on an iPad, support for Android and other smartphones will be out soon. The company will also add other features such as live TV and DVR functions. The device cost $49, which is more expensive than the Chromecast. However, Qplay does offer something that's unique in the market right now. Being founded by the duo who reinvented TV viewing, it could give Google's Chromecast a run for its money.

Source: CNET


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