Time needed (in sec) taken by the hydraulic cylinder to get the required lift

One clarification please help me out in this

Piston diameter: 125mm
Piston rod diameter: 90mm
Weight of the object to be lifted : 3000kg
Hydraulic oil used : HLP46
Required stroke length is 1meter

My question is what would be the approximate time (in sec) taken by the hydraulic cylinder to get the required lift of 1meter.

I dont have not even a single idea in this concept.. Please help me out in this


  • Krzysztof Pelc
    Krzysztof Pelc
    What is the efficiency of the hydraulic pump?

    The speed of the piston is directly proportional to the capacity of the hydraulic pump
    D = 125mm
    A = (0.125 * 0.125) * PI / 4 = 0.0123 m2
    If the oil flow rate of 1 l / s Q = 0.001 m3 / s
    and the efficiency of the actuator = 0.95
    the speed v = 0.95 Q / A = 0.001 * 0.95 / 0.0123 = 0.0772 m / s

    So time to raise about 1 m is t= 1/0,0772 = 12.9 s

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