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TieCon Nagpur 2012 Day 1 - Points.

I'd always like to collect good quotes/points. And I just want to post here also. I'm just summarizing the Points here from our CEans Live Coverage of Day-1 TieCon Napur 2012.

  1. It's a good time to ride the wave, and turn the tide! 👍
  2. Jugaad is your innovation redefined.
  3. As an Entrepreneur, fail quickly, fail repeatedly, learn quickly, but make sure that you don't fail in the same area again!
  4. Focus like a laser beam. Make sure you are not doing a thing like everybody's doing!
    Mark this line, this guy has worked for Apple! 👍
  5. As an entrepreneur, pick something you can do exceptionally, and do it with all your heart. Execution is more important than ideas, and everything henceforth will depend on this execution. Entrepreneurs fail because they don't execute we'll.
  6. Entrepreneurs should be leaders who build enthusiasm.
  7. Say you have 15 ideas. Prioritize. If confused among the ideas, categorize them into Great, Mediocre, So-so, and then try working on the "Great" ones. If one idea clicks well, you don't have to worry about the rest of the ideas!
  8. Manage Energy, Not Just Time. While time management is important, energy is more cricital. Identify both your energy triggers and energy drains.
  9. Walk the talk entrepreneurs. That builds credibility.
  10. "We Indians have a great BS monitor"
  11. Develop a Beginner's mind.
  12. Pick the entrepreneurial opportunity which is consistent with you.
  13. Entrepreneurs have to bring a lot of character to their business! Plans change, People don't! You have to preserve the trust!
  14. What you appreciate, appreciates. What you depreciate, disappears
  15. Early entrepreneurs need to appreciate whatever they have!
  16. Entrepreneur needs to be a HERO
    H - Hope
    E- Efficacy
    R - Resilience
    O – Optimism
  17. If you are starting out today, you need to predict a better future for tomorrow. If you lose hope, you've lost the future!
  18. Failure is a SURE step to success, IF you are willing to live with it, if you are willing to develop it!
  19. Apple was willing enough to re-invent the future, they were willing to take risks, and ultimately, as we can all see, Apple came out with flying colors!
  20. Every living person is an engineer! We just wander off into different compartments!
A few points -

  1. Indias investing in infrastructuRe.
  2. A new airport is coming in Sindhdurg.
  3. Holy crap! China has bigger infrastructure of highways than India.
  4. First BOT contract was given to Mr. Ashok M. Kataria. Starting from lower rungs (Rs.20000) he is now worth 15000 Crores.
  5. Your academic trade does not define what you should do as an entrepreneur.
  6. Entrepreneurs are made out of common sense and ideas not Ph.Ds!!
  7. Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the Seed of an equivalent or greater Benefit.
  8. E+R=O
    Event + Response = Outcome
  9. Breakthrough Entrepreneurs - Richard Branson, Radi Kaiof, Bette Nesmith Graham and Clare Newton!
  10. Comfort is an enemy of achievement.
  11. Be a mosquito not a dinosaur. Get out of comfort zone.
  12. The problem is not lack of resources, but the lack of resourcefulness.
  13. In times of challenges, leaders must see through mist.
  14. We all have visions, that don't make us visionaries. Types of visions- Valley vision and Peak vision! You should not have valley vision. Have peak vision. Leaders go with Peak vision!
  15. Have the vision of the future, knowledge of the past, and awareness of the present!
  16. 10 Commandments to "Lead in challenging times"
  • Breakthrough your frustrations
  • Learn to manage work pressure
  • Strong Belief and a Sense of Destiny that you'll succeed, no matter what.
  • Sharpen your axe- Broaden your perspective.
  • Handle the truth. Innovate!No procrastination. Work on what works.
  • Communicate challenges and attack as a TEAM. Keep things transparent.
  • Observe emerging opportunities; Innovate solutions!
  • Protect your customers.
  • Know whether to lead from the front or from behind. In good times -> lead from behind. In bad times -> lead in the front. That makes you a hero of all times.
  • Make quick and right decisions. Avoid confusion. Avoid Dilemma.
17. Entrepreneurs are the problem solvers! Summary of the 10 commandments.
18. A professional businessman is an amateur who never gave up.
19. Social Entrepreneurship is not social service. It means serving society without
compromising profits.
20. Social entrepreneurship is an individual's continuous effort and work to perform an act to achieve desired goals.
21. Arranging a team, people who'll share your load, and partner your thoughts/actions, is very very tough.
22. Point to be noted by wannabe social entrepreneurs: Don't take any help from the government and political figures.
23. Value of a company should be based on innovation. While in India it is brand name.
24. Do not compromise your smile and sleep for anything in life! It's not worth it!
25. It doesn't mean that you need to an engineering company for innovating.
Innovation can be in many things. Innovation may be in organizational structure.
Whatever, Mr. Bansod has done lot of innovation in designing. Do you know watches? The design of any expensive hand-watch may be by Mr. Bansod.
26. Learn from all, but do it YOUR WAY!'
27. Innovative product design (how it looks) can literally make your business go leaps and bounds.
28. Having a basis to your products will make it successful.
29. Talking to new people and Connecting with new ideas is what opens your mind.
30. Tomorrow is so beautiful, it doesn't matter what happened Yesterday!
31. Target audience is necessary for making a product successful.
32. Align your board to realities. The old "expectation" is unrealistic.
33. For sales driven organization we get closer to existing customers. New business will be harder as the customers are cutting back. BUT for existing customers you are a "trusted"partner to "to get things done" that they are not doing with other vendors.
34. Experiment in your products.
35. Work harder on your ecosystem.
36. Acquire a laser focus on "what works".
37. PIVOT: may be the whole business? Reassess your business model. Do not do it frequently and do not do it at wrong time.
38. Acquire or get acquired.
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Feb 25, 2012
10 Commandments to "Lead in challenging times"! Worth a look!

1) Breakthrough your frustrations
2) Learn to manage work pressure
3) Strong Belief and a Sense of Destiny that you'll succeed, no matter what.
4) Sharpen your axe- Broaden your perspective.
5) Handle the truth; Innovate!
6) Communicate challenges and attack as a TEAM. Keep things transparent.
7) Observe emerging opportunities; Innovate solutions!
8) Protect your customers
9) Know whether to lead from the front or from behind.
10) Make quick, and RIGHT decisions. Avoid confusion. Avoid Dilemma.
@PAT : I've already updated 😀
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Feb 25, 2012
@PAT : I've already updated 😀
😨 Will have to report my own post, I'm afraid! No worries! 😀
Good one! 😀
ISHAN TOPRE • Feb 25, 2012
I had a complete blooper day.

@Sada: Thanks for summarizing the points.

@Praveen: Everyone missed you.
I had a complete blooper day.

@Sada: Thanks for summarizing the points.

@Praveen: Everyone missed you.
Yeah... 😔 I missed everyone!!! 😔

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