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Thunderbolt Display + New MacBook Air's Static Noise Problem - Possible Solution

Question asked by cooltwins in #Coffee Room on Jul 17, 2012
cooltwins · Jul 17, 2012
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This is not a universal problem but there are cases where the users, who try routing the sound from the new Macbook Air to the Display speakers of Thunderbolt, discover the display's speakers distort, crackle, and emit a static noise after a few hours’ use. The most obvious fix most will try is disconnecting the thunderbolt cable and replugging it but no, that will not work for this problem. As of now there are no permanent or temporary fixes for the problem. Stopping the playback and resuming it after sometime will not help too.


There is no official response from Apple yet. And a supervisor at a flagship Apple Store said that they were aware of the problem and added that it affects "a small, but not zero, cross-section of users of both devices." An independent testing laboratory MacNN studied the problem and tried to come up with various solutions to this problem. They used two 2012 MacBook Air 11-inch laptops with default software, one which was affected by this phenomenon and the other was free of the static noise. A ground fault test was conducted on the devices and it did not bring about any change in the systems.

Strictly regulated power and “dirty” power did not help either. But the use of a USB sound card connected to the Thunderbolt display through a USB hub helped avoid the unwanted noise. It looks like the USB hub is acting as a crude filter. This might not work as a permanent fix but looks good enough to be a temporary fix to the problem till Apple comes up with a solution.

Via: Electronista Posted in: #Coffee Room

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