• can anybody write me a program on thoughtworks placement ques in c++
    inventory control system.Two countries have inventory with 100 ipods in it. ipod is available in two countries brazil and argentina. in brazil it costs $100 and in argentina it costs $50. also in case if one countary imports from other extra $400 has to be paid per 10 units. the inventory of ipod availabe in each country is 100 units each. so you have to develop a program that show the optimized cost. for ex: you palce order for 10 ipods in brazil - it costs 100x10=$1000. in case u import from argentina it costs 10x$50+$400=$600. or if order is placed for eg.120 units 100 can be sold from the same country and the rest 20 has to be imported. that way u haveto check all the possible combination and show only the best one also the output should be in the format as : : ;
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  • dinesh.cse.rbk

    MemberAug 25, 2011

    Hi it is v.syperb and realy intresting!
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  • simplycoder

    MemberAug 25, 2011

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  • Prasad Ajinkya

    MemberAug 26, 2011

    Hint: It's actually a Linear Programming Problem. Given a function of Location (where you want the goods to be delivered), Goods Ordered (how many ipods are required), Goods in Argentina (availability) and Goods in Brazil (availability). You have to minimize the cost of Delivery.

    Do correct me if I am mistaken.
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  • divut

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  • priti00786

    MemberSep 5, 2012

    hey can anyone write down the code for thought works Hotel Management question::

    A well renowned hotel has three branches in Miami. Namely x,y and z (Actually they gave names) .Each has two types of customers. Regular and Rewardee. Also each branch has its own ratings x is given a 3 star rating while y has 5 star rating and z has 4 star rating.
    Each hotel has specific rates for weekend and weekdays. x charges $100 for regular customers on weekdays and $120 on weekends While it is $90 for rewardee on weekdays and $95 on weekends. While z charges $195 for regular customers on weekdays and $150 on weekends. While its $120 for rewardee on weekdays and $90 on weekends. Now when the customer requests for a particular detail you need to find which hotel would yield the customer profit. In case of tie between hotels compare the ratings and provide the result.

    Input format:
    16Mar2010(sun), 19Mar2010(wed), 21Mar2010(Fri)
    Answer: (This is the format of the question but not sure about the values).

    and other one is:
    There is a rail road to different towns from one town. It is considered that the rail road is a one way because of budgetary issues. If there is city A and it has cities B and C cities connected by rail roads, it is not mandatory that A has direct rail road to both B and C. The route to C from A can be A to B and then B to C. The above scenario is depicted as a graph. The nodes are the towns and edges are the distances between them. The input given will be a graph and also the route to towns. The output must be the total rail road distance between the towns and if no route exists, it must say 'No Route exists'.
    AB5, BC2, CD3, BE4
    Input: A-B-E
    Input: A-C-E
    Output: 9
    Output: No Route Exists
    (Similar to Dijkistra's algorithm in the form of railway stations and tracks).
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  • 123_neha

    MemberSep 6, 2012

    here is another program to write
    write a program that returns the direction and the position of the robot on the other planet from the earth
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