• Hello CEans,

    Life is so much F***ed up! Long-time i never posted any valuable post. All emotional posts. No use. Hope you will find this post helpful.

    Let's Get Started!

    NOTE :
    • This is Applicable for Both Existing and New Customers.
    • This One Year Plan! Applicable for First year only..

    Step 1: Go to this website #-Link-Snipped-# Create one account. Don't use AOL or GMX, Cheap Mails..While Creating account select "USA". Not India..! Verify your account first, which will land withing few second once you registered.

    Step 2: Once you registered Click on Top Right Godaddy Logo[Image (1). You will be redirected to Godaddy. Select Economy Plan with Domain Name of your Interest (As show in Image (2-5). Register or Login to Godaddy account First!.

    Image (1)

    Image (2)

    Refer link: #-Link-Snipped-#
    This Offer Apply only to Economy Plan. Do Not SELECT Any other Addons.! You will End up paying unnecessary!

    Image 3- Domain Selection.. [.COM/.NET/.CA/.ORG/.CO] Free Domain Extensions Available for this.. Search domain whichever you like.. Add & Continue...

    Remember If you are creating new account Select USA or Canada.. Give fake mobile no. Nobody cares..I don't have to spoon feed here..!

    Now Checkout!...


    Your Total Offer Price will be Nearly around $12.18 Dollars.. Which include Domain Name & Economy Hosting...
    Once you are done..Keep rolling your website with Godaddy..Your money will be on your way..

    As everyone knows nothing come free...without some money spilling around.. You should pay for this..


    Wait for 2 days..Update your Paypal account..Refer Step 1. Usually it takes few day to arrive your money in your account. After it's Discount on Deep Discount..


    You money will be rebate to your paypal once your order get completed..

    Have any suggestions or queries.. Please comment below..

    P.S: I'm not a professional writer, Took sometime write content here.. Please do let me know for any corrections or improvements

    Thank you,

    Have fun!
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorOct 15, 2014

    Well, that's interesting; but I'm not surprised. Godaddy has been doing such things for a long time. They offer the domain at a price that seems unbeatable and when you buy from them; you are trapped! Why? Because you will pay regular (or I guess more) costs for the renewals!

    Godaddy just got customers to sign up through tricks and their expertise lies in keeping those customers. But if you bought hosting plan and a domain - it's going to be costly affair for you in the long run. A better way would have been to map your existing domain to free hosting offered by Tumblr or WordPress.
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