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@Jerome Infante • 12 Sep, 2015
A pleasant day i am Jerome Infante, a student of mechatronics engineering in the Philippines. i am taking the last year and i still dont have a thesis.can you give me some ideas or topics for mechatronics?? they want it to be useful so intended user is needed..can you give me some advice.

I am hoping for your answers.. thank you in advance and have a good day . 😀
@Ankita Katdare • 12 Sep, 2015 Hello @Jerome Infante

Here are some ideas -

1. Build a virtual model of bone healing process
Use 3D imaging methods to figure out the time course of bone repair

2. Build a faults detection system with audio feedback
@Kaushik Sarma • 16 Jan, 2017 i am mechatronics masters student very much intersted on this topic ''1.Build a virtual model of bone healing process
2.Use 3D imaging methods to figure out the time course of bone repair"
kindly guide me how can i get track of it and also if u have any information regarding previous work of it and kindly guide me so that i can get track of it.

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