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Thermal Printers By SEIKO Instruments - Seiko SLP 450

Question asked by Shubhankar Deshkar in #Coffee Room on May 5, 2011
Shubhankar Deshkar
Shubhankar Deshkar · May 5, 2011
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A Thermal printer also called as the direct thermal printer selectively heats the thermo chromic paper when the paper passes over the print head and produces an image. An image is produced when the coating turns black where it is heated. It can print in two colors namely black and red and it is done by heating at two different temperatures.


Following are the important components of a key printer.
  • Thermal head: for generating heat and printing
  • A rubber roller that feeds the paper in – Platen
  • Spring: makes a contact with the thermosensitive paper.
  • Controlling mechanism.
These are generally used for industrial and medical purposes but are mostly used as thermal label printers known as the SMART LABEL PRINTERS (SLP). The Seiko’s SLP 450 is on the top of the pyramid and offers a 300dpi of thermal prints and bar coding.

The features and design:
[*]SLP 450 is small, light weight and compact printer mainly used for printing Seiko’s labels.
[*]The speed depends upon the usage and it offers a speed of about 1 label per second.
[*]White and clear blue plastic body
[*]It measures 6.22" x 4.61" x 6.34" and can be accommodated on any table, shelf or cabinet.
[*]It can print in wide ranges of printing size maximum upto 2.25” tall by 6” wide
No complicated assemble is required for the printer. We just have to power the printer from a socket on the wall and connect it to the laptop or a computer through USB port. But we have to make sure that we install the Mac or PC software before we use it. Only then the printer will be listed in the available components’ list on the computer.

Besides labels, images can also be printed using this printer. Thus it provides a clean, quick and easy printing process which in turn can provide instant image boost for the small scale business.

Image credit: Digital Trends Posted in: #Coffee Room

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