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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • May 6, 2012

There is no fourth dimension - Agree or Disagree?

Just because there are four dimensions doesn't mean there's a "fourth dimension". Is time really the 4th dimension?
To illustrate this concept, take a look at this video and then share your views:

I don't see the point in this. All you can tell apart is the dimensions that behave differently, so is the time dimensions. But for physical dimension, 3D for example, you can't define x,y,z as 3 specific directions. They change depending on how you set it up, and that's why in engineering or physics we create unit vectors i,j,k to indicate x,y,z axis direction to specify.

Would like to read your views on this one.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 6, 2012
The video didn't make much sense to me. First of all, I'm totally convinced that there are three dimensions in space and the fourth one just adds time component to anything. For example, in order to define absolute position of any object in space, you'd need three dimensions and add the time factor to it so that we know where the object was and at what point in time.

Now the second argument follows: The coordinates of any point in space will be determined by the position of the origin (0,0,0). But the question is; how do we fix the origin? I thought a bit more about this and say to define the absolute positions of things in our own galaxy, we'd need to fix the center at say, the center of the Sun. Then we will be able to define the position of any object with reference to the origin, along with the time factor.

But guess what? The position of the Sun is also relative, with respect to the rest of the Universe! Holy crap! 😡
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • May 7, 2012
Time is fourth dimension, to find absolute relative position of the object.
Its always relative .
gohm • May 7, 2012
Anyone familiar with the 60's knows there is a 5th dimension....

(lol, sorry I have no real contribution, other than this topic makes my head hurt) =)
shreyasstar • May 7, 2012
We usually consider dimensions as indications of where we are .
Seeing TIME as the fourth dimension, consider this :
You want to meet someone at a particular place, lets say on a particular floor in a particular building in a particular area. Take the three axes (x,y,z) and let us compare our journey with traveling on these axes.
We start from the source and travel by the road (turning as required), this covers x and y axes. We finally reach the building. Now we start our journey in the upward direction to the floor decided, this covers the Z axis. But wouldn't it look stupid if we reach there at 4.00 am when we were supposed to meet at
4.00pm ? Thus even correct time is required to complete our journey.
So see how even TIME is important to specify your state on the space time fabric ?

This was something I read long back, I tried to share whatever I could, hope you guys got what I was trying to say...
zaveri • May 19, 2012
the video is thouroughly absurd.

I can define the three dimensions, according to maths,and they are length , breadth and height. now what is the fourth dimension ?

maybe time can be considered as the fourth dimension, but then we can also throw in temperature, volume and other physical quantities and in the end we will end up with nothing but a list of of meaningless contents.
N.Gowtham Raj
N.Gowtham Raj • May 19, 2012
Guys try the MOVIE 'Cube2-Hypercube'...(Hyper cube is a four dimensional cube)
and the following url

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