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suyash • May 30, 2008

The World is Flat

I have just started to read this book, and I am finding the context described in it really awesome. The central idea is how the latest trends of Globalization and outsourcing are shrinking the world to a smaller plane where the conventional hierarchical model of work is not as efficient as the current work scenario goes.

Do post your views about the book.
suyash • May 30, 2008
the book is written by Thomas L. Friedman... forgot to mention that earlier..
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 5, 2008
The book did not appeal to me. Probably, not my kind of book. I had read the book long ago, so can't recall much to comment.

Btw, would you mind posting your reviews of the book?
$iddharth • Sep 26, 2008
I read this one few months back. Must say there were quite a few things I was not aware of. Was a decent read.

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