THE ultimte code breaking challange!!!

Here is code ...start from 19.and there is alsoa story related to it..i am posting it in the next reply[​IMG]


  • rohitvishnu
    Once upon the time,there used to be a great philosopher.. very noble man and a person of great wisdom.He was an asset to his people, society and nation. All his countrymen honoured him and they would never go against his words..!! somehow this person never realized this great love of his people towards him and always sought solitude.
    One day he decides to test dat how much his people trusted him and if dey really took his preachings seriously and understood them.So he calls all his followers at the old “ Ma Durga” temple situated at top of the hill.. at MIDNIGHT.
    When dese people reached the temple, they found no one there but sum inscription written on the stone walls of the temple.. None but one of his followers who was a young boy of 15 years could understand the meaning of that inscription. But he was a very helpful person by heart.. so he tells all his mates what he understood..
    The philosopher wanted his people to follow him to whatever end he takes them, but only those who could understand his noble messages would be able to follow him. there he had left address of the next location where he had moved.. and also a message to his followers.. if they followed this sequence they would easily reach the final destination and achieve the purpose of there life and by that time they will also come to know the ultimate TRUTH of LIFE.. He told them that they should stop moving ahead when they are not able to make out anything from the inscription left behind.. that will only be there final destination. So may be that everyone wont reach the end destination.. but there is some end to it..
    And by then you will be knowing the whole mystery !!!!!
  • aka23sh
    So did You get The answer...?

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