The OnePlus Cardboard Review You've Been Waiting For

It was Google Cardboard that kept me fascinated ever since it was revealed at the Google I/O 2014. When OnePlus announced that they will launch OnePlus 2 using VR, I knew I had to get one; and with OnePlus making it available on Amazon for just Rs. 99; I couldn't wait. Buying the OnePlus cardboard on Amazon was a flash sale like experience - and I guess I was lucky that I could buy it. I chose the speedy delivery option for the cardboard and got it delivered to me in a day. I've spent only about a day with it; and can confirm that it's definitely an impressive thing!


First Impressions: An small, well-cut, attractive cardboard box!

The OnePlus Cardboard is my first ever cardboard VR set. The Amazon shipment arrived as a nicely folded box. The cardboard itself looks like a solid package; durable and built with attention to detail. The material used is about ~1mm thick and sports velcro for proper assembly. OnePlus says that the cardboard is covered with a special film that is dust and oil resistant. The box does feel premium in hands. So much for a cardboard box, huh?

It took me a while to figure out that I need to unfold it and make it ready for all the VR awesomeness. Be careful while opening yours, the box is bit fragile on the corners and you certainly don't want cuts at the places where it folds. The velcro straps on the top and two sides may confuse you at first. I've created a step by step guide for you that shows how to assemble your OnePlus Cardboard:

Click To View: #-Link-Snipped-#

The OnePlus cardboard is definitely a well crafted, nice-feeling, great looking cardboard box. For the price it's being offered, you can't ask for more; unless of course you plan on cutting one out on your own.


Using The OnePlus Cardboard and First VR Experience

As depicted in the guide above, the cardboard does not need much of a setup. If you follow the guide, you'd be good to go in about a minute. I tested the OnePlus cardboard with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; but you can use it with any other phone that's up to 6" in size (yeah, the Galaxy Note phablet fits in!).

I decided to go with the basic minimum app - "Cardboard - Apps on Google Play" from Google, available on Google Play Store for free. It's a small 33MB app that will introduce you to the world of VR and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's trying it for the first time. The interface is easy for a newbie.


Load the app on your phone, put your phone inside the cardboard (Step 6) and you are all set. Now start viewing using the eye-holes. You may navigate through the options by turning your head in left or right direction. In order to choose an app; say 'Windy Day', make sure that you see it zoomed up and then press the button on your cardboard at the top-right corner. The following photo shows the button.


Now move your head in various directions to experience the little mouse in the virtual world. There are several other apps on the Play Store which you can explore. If you have questions, you may ask them below and I'll be glad to help you out.



The OnePlus cardboard offers what it advertises. If you were lucky enough to be able to buy one, you are bound to enjoy it. I'm still trying out various apps and enjoying the experience. If you've kids at home, the cardboard will keep them away from Nobita and Doraemon for a while; because the experience is truly immersive.


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Looks like a really fun to use product. I thought we could adjust the lenses, but that's not the case, is it?

    Also, how is this different from Google Cardboard?

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