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The 'new' Google Earth set to be launched in an all new avatar later today

A new version of Google Earth is almost here to take you inside the virtual experience that nearly mimics our worldly environment. Released in 2005, the free application has grown over the years and now it is not only a desktop free-time activity but also a tool for business professionals. As gathered from several leaks, Google now has plans to rejuvenate the application and that is why it has sent invites to all Google Earth newsletter subscribers to attend the Earth Day Event to be held in Whitney Museum of Art in New Work City at 6 PM IST, today itself.

It started in 2004 when Google bought the whole enterprise named Keyhole, a software development company specializing in geospatial data visualization applications. Once the product was born with the name Google Earth, the magic started to build virtual illusions of earth that are accessible to the global community. With time, the application spread its tentacles to mobile devices. Now, it also offers you the glimpse of moon, mars, sky and ocean, having NASA images integrated inside.

Not more than 10 minutes old, the new leaks suggest that the Google Maps has recently seen the face of new updates. Named as version 4.30.0, the new update includes turn-by-turn navigation present on your lock screen that comes with the new Directions widget. Further, the brand new iMessage application is developed to share your location without abruptly leaving the conversation. Although such a news hint that the Google Maps does have its room unshared, many other third party news sources affirm that the upcoming Google Earth will replace Google Maps, devouring its credibility and digesting it to produce a new breed to help you with directions.

Also, a slight chance of the exclusive VR integration applicable only to HTC vive headset, intruding into more devices, does exist. Speculating further, Google might add more places that are not covered in Earth and we might really get a glimps of 3D satellite pictures in our mini smart device. A point we all must know that if Google Earth will acquire the Maps division, the earth visions of the non-USA parts must improve. Having said that, there is nothing impossible to do for this tech-giant, the whole world will wait for today's ceremony.

Source: BGR | Google Earth | Inverse

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