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Does Google have a full form? Or is it just a random word coined by the founders of Google Inc.? Let's find out in this interesting discussion.


what is a BSP(board support pakage) is it simply a file containing info like drivers, documentation, header files, and libraries that a particular processor supports? please clarify
Hi All, Kindly excuse my prolong absence from the forum. Here comes our own quite old C/C++ Challenger, with another not very great but a bit mind twisting C/C++ puzzle....
CEans! The Crazy Engineers (yeh, that's us!) Rock! 😁 Its a pleasure to announce that CE & a youth magazine based out of city of Pune (India), called "Poora Poona"...
Please Help Me Out frenzz.... I'm new to this community...and anyhow i'm posting this thread. I'm in Btech 2nd year and want to hav some summer training frm any software...