The lost opportunity...and the next in line

The Lost opportunity
....and the next in line

I had made up my mind to shift from Malad to Santacruj, it was
getting hectic and monotonous day by day. Santacruj, supposedly nearer to Bandra Kurla complex, my work place at the moment!!

It was the start of yet another day for me in Mumbai . As
usual,Ireached late to the office and had an execuse ready up my sleeves. My girlfriend at delhi had already started pouring messages in the messenger, and was waiting for my reply, I am not sure of the eagerness or the intent . Last two days in particular had not been good with her and misunderstanding kept on increasing. Workload on client side was ominous and I had realised, I
wasnt behaving the way she expected me to be.I dont know whether I had started loosing her but one thing for sure, the distance had already started to be the differentiating factor in this 30 day old chapter. I had my lunch at US pizza with my teammates and the continued discussions on SALSA just enthused me to think of this dance form, and may subsequently give it a go . My girlfriend happens to be a good dancer, and is planning to join salsa classes soon, so for a non dancer like me, i cant think of a better gift then giving her some early lessons of salsa, obviously, the way i dance ..uru ru ru ru ru ru...

Work kept on increasing, chatting had already taken an ugly turn.
But I was to get a call at 5, which was to make the crux of this story. It was from none other than Editor of, the blogsite, i am used to blog at.He asked me whether I was comfortable putting up my articles for CE downloads, and whether I am interested in writing for CE editorial. I had absolutely no idea of all this, and the obvious answer should have been a big YES. But I was in a different world alltogether. Too many things revolving in my head -shifting, chat, work, salsa- sooner or later, i was to buckle under this immense pressure.I thought of asking him, ok , what's next. Instead I asked...
"So...what..will..I ...get????" I murmured in a stumbling voice. I am sure he got the shock of his life, sale 2 blog likha nahi , and thinking of being the next big columnist of the world.
"I didnt get what you meant...Did u mean monetarily???" ...It was all but over, I was caught unaware.Soon, I was to get a mail from Kartik,my friend at Nagpur...
"Satya to Kutya hai har cheej paise pe nahi aati ...mar sale !!!"...
I was completely off, and needed a break soon. My PL had thrown a farewell party for Anand, my batchmate and friend.I took this time to spare some thoughts, relaxed, and went ahead to have a look at Santacruj Guest house. Midway, I realised the opportunity squandered; man, I could have
been in the editorial board of a blogsite!!!!

It was no Shootout at Lokhandwala, yet it was an encounter of
some sorts. I had really messed my first interaction with a blogsite editor. The realisation took some time to sink in, I had to make the resurrection work. My sis says, you would always get to experience different days in this life, kuch mar khane ke din hote hai , kuch gali khane ke din hote hai , may be, it was a day to apologise. I had already apologised to my girlfriend earlier,
inturn she had promised to call me at around 10,to give me some comfort in my loneliness.

I was supposed to get down at goregaon station. But I was lost in
my thoughts again. My hate for local was soon to be my love for it, as it gave me that precious personal time and space allowing me to weave my stories. And once in that fantasy world, I missed my station and had to wait till Malad.I was not to complain for that 5 min gave me the initial drive to write this new blog, and complete my 'LOST' trilogy.Somehow, I feel , I was destined, my previous two blogs just happened to have 'LOST' and I used the third one to my advantage, i needed to complete the trilogy.

i thought the drama was to end here. Not yet, for the real drama
was yet to unfold. I came back to my guest house, straightway went to the local servant and asked him to clear all my pending bills. I had made up my mind fully to pack bags and shift to Santacruj hostel next morning. It was 11, and i had lost all hopes of her calling me again.We didnt have any verbal communication for last two days, and to be frank, i was not expecting her
to keep her promise. She proved me wrong, at the stroke of 11:26, my cell showed the green signal.

Again the same thing, hum phone pe bhi jhagad rahe the . She
brought to my notice that this loneliness in this big city has slowly taken its toll over me and a lot of overwork is making me a bore day by day. The humour which used to amuse her, was missing . I was more irritated by her fundas, but this sudden jolt gave me the driving flux and i was back at my humorous best, and i had the relief, that back at delhi, she would be again smiling and laughing and would sleep well with deep content. Suddenly my eyes fell on two individuals, I knew them, I mean every individual who would have seen saas bahu serials sometime under varied conditions, would be abel to recognise these faces. Shweta kwatara and Manav Govil, the dancing
couples of Nach baliye. My servant later confirmed the same, endorsing the names, and naming some other rising stars of the tinsel town.

The building next to mine is supposedly the studio of Ekta Kapoor. And I just remembered the words of Abhijeet, when i was coming here " Abe Satya, kisi TV production me try mar lena ek bar"...I am a believer in destiny and it cant be a mere coincidence that I happenedto be at that place. That too,i got to know all this the day i was to vacate the place . Was I also getting lost in the glamour of the industry....only time can tell...there isnt any harm in it?My wish not to be a Mumabaikar, naah!!! Who the hell says it now?

It took me sometime to post my 2nd blog, but i never knew, the
3rd one will come so soon. I just saw an opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. Something was lost, but there was a new one..just next in line. Anyhow, I am firm believer that 90% of the stories come out of personal experience, 10% come out of sheer imagination and only a Salim javed
can write a Sholay. I am still figuring out that 10% in me, till that, my experiences will write for themselves. Shifting .. ha ha...I am here to stay for some time now!!!


  • Kartik Vyas
    Kartik Vyas
    😁 That's another masterpiece from Satya. What I liked was its straightforwardness (If thats correct way to express what I mean "Bhawnao ko samjho"). As far as I know Satya.. He cannot have two girlfriends simultaneously.. So either his Hyderabad Girlfriend has moved to Delhi or its a bluff... whatever the case maybe I liked this one... But I guess the Mumbaikar one was the best!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    No doubt the article is good. I enjoyed reading it. Don't mind, we are not a blogsite 😁 & we are

    -The Big K-

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