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Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Jul 31, 2008

The jetpack is here.

After a long wait and few trial runs last year, the Jetpack has finally arrived on the scene. It was tested for the US army yesterday and successful it was! 😎

Check the video here YouTube - Jet-Pack man!!!

The jetpack is actually a machine that can allow you (yes you as an individual) to fly in the air. It takes off vertically and is said to let you fly horizontally at approximately 50miles per hour (good 80kmph! whoa)😁 The first glimpse of Jetpack was shown in the movie Spiderman II.

Guys I'm really excited and I need your views on this. They say it might be launched for commercial operations too. Well I'm not sure how good or bad it is, but it sure isn't safe.

Your take!
Differential • Jul 31, 2008
What if one goes above above and above and goes out of gravitational field of earth ? 😛
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Jul 31, 2008
Oh well this will not happen. Don't confuse the speed here, it helps a man to travel horizontally. Although I'm not sure how high he can fly up.
gauravtiwari89 • Jul 31, 2008
What if one goes above above and above and goes out of gravitational field of earth ? 😛
😛😛 M pretty Sure that 80 kmph is not the escape velocity..
That thing will pretty much stay near the ground.
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Aug 1, 2008
True. By the way its still got a maximum height limitation which I'm not able to figure out.
technospartan • Aug 1, 2008
gauravs right about gravity
gohm • Aug 2, 2008
These have been around since the 1960s (used in James Bond movies). One company left still flying them, these guys, at events and such. hydrogen peroxide fuel with very short flight times (if memory serves me right about 30 seconds). I believe invented by bell lab. Far from practical for civilian or military use, though I bet a lot of fun. Easy twist throttle style controls on each arm as well as raising/lowering the arm assembly for control. Would not be difficult to make although not sure if anyone is currently building them since the old unit is still the main one flying today. I also do not think it will catch on in its current form since it hasn't developed since the 60s and is reduced to a novelty item. Wish I had one!

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