18 Apr 2008

The GRID Computing & You


Most of you must have heard about the GRID computing. I've heard few people say that its Internet 2.0.

I, however, think that its not something 'new'. Or is it? I guess projects like SETI@HOME have been using the concept of distributed computing since long.

So what do you all have to say about GRID, the technology & the way its going to affect you?
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

10 years ago
Grid Computing is awesome. I think my uni will implement it soon to be used by computer-intensive research 😀

Besides.. it's much more cheaper than buying a huge supercomputer! If we had lots of active members (perhaps by the thousands), we probably can do our own CE grid thing thing.. probably for the sake of solving complex engineering problems 😉


Branch Unspecified
10 years ago
Grid Computing: The act of marrying my computer to you're computer to give birth to a super computer.

Someone once said that. I just don't remember who.

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