The Google dream comes true !

The Google dream comes true !

P.S.: To see what the google dream was, click suyash+on+google.JPG (image)...

[โ€‹IMG]How it all began...

Long since I have traversed (surfed) this vast expanse called the internet, I have seen many people shouting about seeing their websites for one or the other reason and I considered them as morons who had a jobless life and were on the internet to make a quick buck out of the then IT boom. The internet, since then, has evolved out to become the largest ocean of knowledge and information for one and all, whether it be for good or evil purposes..... In this age of information technology, it is imperative for everyone to make a mark of his own in the digital wired world as well. Being an avid internet user from the last 8 years, I have seen the changing ways of this ever increasing giant web called the internet.

And like everyone else in this cyber world, I was fascinated like anything with the "Google" thing that swept everyone on the net with its refreshing charm. Suddenly searching for information was one of the coolest things to do..... people searched for absolutely evrything. Well, man is by nature, a narcissist creature, and by no means am I an exception to this... but somewhere within I had this crazy idea that the cyber world must know about me, about my talents and about the stuff I do. And the best way to do that is to get your name displayed on Google's top search hits. I may sound crazy, but if I am not wrong, I am a part of a group of people who have consistently Googled their names to find their "mark" on the digital world.
Since then, it has been one of my secondary objectives in life to make it on the Google search list when someone types in "Suyash Joshi"

Suyash Joshi starts blogging ...

As I progressed from school to junior college and from there to my engineering college, my fascination for the computer world grew beyond limits. I was consistently learning one or the other thing related to IT field and since internet was my best friend, google kept me going in this quest. I observed that you need to be quite a big hotshot or do some extra ordinary activities to make it to the top on google search list i.e. be something important in the world. I mean, it was no easy task to make it there at this age, since what was at stake was the very reputation of google's searching capacity powered by their "secret sauce" known as the page ranking algorithm which rated websites all over the net along with some 100 other factors. Anyway, I continued putting my name in google search in vain for some more years and all I got was some odd 4th or 5th place mentioning my school or college related activity. Sometimes it mentioned the names database too, but to quote my friend Ameya , its like "the proof that u exist"... Phew! that wasnt quite enough. I wanted the world to know something about me when they put my name there.

Time passed painfully and one fine day I stumbled upon , the instant heaven for blogging. I was quite late in the field but I found an instant liking to this mode of letting out some creativity of your mind on your own blog. My blog let me share some of the knowledge and experiences so far, also letting out the momentous happiness and sadness over to others. I thought that this was the chance to make it finally, since blogger is associated with google now, so I researched about increasing the pagerank of the blog, so that it appears higher in google search.

In my mission to fame and glory (read improving pagerank) I had to surpass the following track which made for some 3 really eventful days of my life:
  • connecting to the blog to other blogs - in this case my friends blogs
  • publishing blog content on feed hungry sites like
  • using tools like feedburner (now owned by google) to make people subscribe to the blog and get articles directly to inbox
  • using gimmicks like google adsense, google gadgets
  • and finally pestering one and all to visit the blog and posting comments (I am sorry, but the intent was pure and without any malice in my heart...)
And we have lift off !

Finally on the auspicious evening of 18th June 2007, my friend and fellow blogger , Ameya Khandekar called me to tell that I had made it on top of the google search list. And I was happy and exuberant like anything... I mean it was a dream come true... Well,it is by no means a great achievement, but has a "feel good" factor associated with it... and for those people who are calling me pompous and other such adjectives, just google yourselves to find more about this thing. I hope that I go on to achieve bigger things in life, and my glory doesnt stop at this blog alone. Personally I will like to thank everyone who read my long and boring articles... (future readers, I am just kidding.... !), and even more grateful to the subscribers who selflessly entered their email ids in spite of dangers of spam (kidding again !) and also who provided this platform for me to make a permanent impression of my existence in the cyber world... and yeah, last but not the least the google crawler... may you crawl me forever and keep a permanent index !!!

For all the detectives out there, u can see the triumph of my efforts in the picture posted at the right top corner of this article where it began.

The aftermath

Whenever I searched "Suyash Joshi" on google, it asked me back very rudely,
"Did you mean: Subhash Joshi?" and it does so , even now.... and that always made me furious.

The blow has been soothened now because just below the derogatory question, now lies the link for my blog. The day is not far when one day, I will manage to wipe it out...
In fact, some years down the line, when someone searches "Subhash Joshi", google will say
"Did you mean: Suyash Joshi?" hehehe.....

I am having the Time of my life, what about you??


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