The gif thread

On the internet, gifs represents the epitome of creativity, in my humble opinion. So people, the masterpieces you see need to be shared, right? 😁


  • Chaitanya Kukde
    Chaitanya Kukde
    If it were to me, I'd nominate this for a Filmfare AwardYwn84Fs
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    I can't help but share these -

    When I hear “because Java and C# are effectively the same thing”


    When you finally understand that concept in programming -

  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Here's another I found recently -

    When you get reviews/feedback for your app immediately after it goes LIVE -

  • Chaitanya Kukde
    Chaitanya Kukde
    8mHde2n 1cbda321-4814-48ec-89f3-d90eeb56853a
  • zaveri
    Chaitanya Kukde
    If it were to me, I'd nominate this for a Filmfare AwardYwn84Fs
    What the heck is this ?
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    When my code was working on Friday and broke on Monday

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