• mahul

    MemberMay 17, 2008

    The gecko on the wall

    I posted this on my blog yesterday, thought i might as well post this on CE.

    Gecko on the wall, gecko on the wall,
    are you wiser than us all??

    We've been living side by side since so long,
    Can't say about you, but I was really young.

    I brought in a bright butterfly with zeal,
    You ate it up and said," What's the big deal ??"

    I was on cloud 9, dad had gifted me a toy,
    You said,"Won't last long, neither that nor your joy".

    I flunked my exam and I sobbed alone
    You said,"where the hell has his sense gone ??"

    My mates mocked and I was scolded by maa,
    You said,"that's the best thing that ever happened to ya".

    I fell in love, showed my gf my place.
    She grimaced at you, and I went with her face.

    You laughed,"Watch out, never go over the moon kid".
    It was I who broke up, you never did.

    I fussed over my work, I wanted more money.
    You kept on saying,"Cockroach is sweeter than honey".

    I fretted over my kids, you had six !!
    Yet you said," Their life is theirs to fix".

    And the time has come, time for us to die,
    And you are alone, but so am I.

    (P.S. Sorry, had to extend this gecko's life to about 5-6 times its original, hope no one minds.)
    People who read this asked me why i suddenly decided to write about a gecko? I had no answer to that but it was probably because I have always felt that they watch me in amusement as i move through life.
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  • mahul

    MemberMay 17, 2008

    Oops!! sorry _k, i posted in the wrong section. I hope someone would move it to the blogs section.
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