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@Anand Vardhan • 01 Sep, 2014 • 1 like
Finally got my internet back. Missed CE. 😐

I wanted to ask if anyone has heard about The Gate Academy? As I am thinking of joining some coaching institute for gate preparations and these people claim to be famous and have faculties from IITs and IISCs. So, are they really famous ? Has someone of you heard about them ?

Thank You. 😀
@Dhananjay Harkare • 01 Sep, 2014 • 3 likes @Anand Vardhan Welcome back.
Though I didn't join Gate Academy but whatever I've heard from few of my friends, I can tell you about Gate Academy, Nagpur. It started a couple of years back and gathered some attention just because there are not more than five (famous) institutions for GATE in Nagpur. Just like you, I've also heard that they have faculty from IITs and IISc, but don't know whether this is authentic or not. It managed well till last year, but this year it came out to be fraud. People who used to run so-called Gate Academy suddenly changed the name of institute and GA is (again) newly opened at different location in city. It may not be the same situation in your city but you should contact friends/seniors who've been there at GA before making any final decision. Good luck!
@Anand Vardhan • 01 Sep, 2014 Thanks Sire. 😀

Can you tell me if this is the same logo that your GA used ?logo
@Dhananjay Harkare • 01 Sep, 2014
Anand Vardhan
Thanks Sire. 😀

Can you tell me if this is the same logo that your GA used ?logo
Fortunately or unfortunately, YES!
@Anand Vardhan • 01 Sep, 2014 Hm. Thanks. I'll check. 😀
@Anand Vardhan • 07 Sep, 2014 Thank You @Dhananjay Harkare . I am not going for this Gate Academy. 😉
@avii • 07 Sep, 2014 ^don't go to any academy for that matter. All equally suck anyways
@Dhananjay Harkare • 07 Sep, 2014
Anand Vardhan
Thank You @Dhananjay Harkare . I am not going for this Gate Academy. 😉
Alright! Hope that decision works fine for you! Good luck!

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