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"The Financial" - Finance for Engineers Series!

By Shrikant Bedekar in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything', Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Shrikant Bedekar

    Engineering Discipline:
    Greetings Readers,

    I'm glad to tell you that CrazyEngineers is starting with a series called "The Financial" this year to update our esteemed readers of the vast financial world. This series, the first of its kind will feature articles on tax, general, financial planning, insurance, loans, investments, etc. In today's world tonnes of material is available on finance on the internet and on the print media, but sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the technical jargon's that accompany such article. With this in mind CrazyEngineers has decided to resolve this complex issue by publishing a number of articles on various finance related issues for its readers to make them understand the the principles of financial planning and give them a insight into the vast world of finance thereby reducing the hassles of financial planning for them.

    At last I would like to conclude by saying that these articles are aimed at giving you a insight on finance and can be consumed as dietary supplements and carry handy hints and tips for a layman and should not be construed as a final word or law on this matter.

    I wish our readers a healthy financial life and hope this issue will make a difference between success and financial struggle.

    Finance For Engineers Index -

    General -
    1. Its Your Money, Get Involved.
    2. Read The * Marked Conditions
    3. Never Follow Rumors
    4. Shop Around For The Best Deal
    5. The Hidden Cost Dampener
    6. Keeping Documents Safe For The Future
    7. Arriving at a Financial Decision Democratically
    8. Negotiation Is A Key To Success
    9. Internet - The Free Guide To Finances
    Financial Planning -
    1. Retirement Planning
    2. Prioritizing Goals
    3. Concrete Goals
    4. The Inflation Scenario
    5. Emergency Fund

    <More coming up soon! Keep an eye on this section.>
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