• Connected cars are very soon going to be accessible to all. Connected cars take advantage of the rise of smartphones and the constant effort made to make internet accessible to everyone with projects such as Outernet Plans To Bring Free Internet For All and Project Loon : Google's Balloon Powered Global Internet. Users will be able to access their cars remotely and a lot of other possibilities. It is not your normal fancy car stereo that plays songs from your smartphone. Your car will not only be able to connect to your smartphone but also to the internet, other cars and also the highway! Leading automakers such as #-Link-Snipped-#, #-Link-Snipped-#, Uconnect® System - For Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT®, Jeep® and Ram, #-Link-Snipped-# and others have already started "connecting" their cars. Ferrari, Volvo and Honda are some of the first companies to bring Apple's Apple's CarPlay Now Official: Easy way to operate iPhone while driving feature into their vehicles. Other than iOS - CarPlay - Apple, Nokia's #-Link-Snipped-# is also another software solution for connected cars.

    A connected car will provide you the right information on the go. By combining online and offline information connected cars will be able to re-route you to the nearest petrol pump automatically when you are low on fuel, find you parking space and much more. People will be able to pay for parking with money being transferred directly from their bank accounts to their municipal departments by using GPS-based services. Home - KNX2 is an application by Applied Telemetics Inc. which implements this feature using metering devices. Connected cars typically have a touchscreen console which is a major flaw since it will be dangerous to interact with it while driving. The only solution to this is voice control. Jason Johnson, a product development engineer at Ford, told Mashable in an #-Link-Snipped-# that voice control will soon become the primary interface in the car as it allows you to keep your eyes on the road. He added that instead of browsing through your phones playlist, you'll have to just say 'play artist' or 'play genre'.


    All these features seems really interesting and exciting. A panel discussion #-Link-Snipped-# at the SXSW Conference & Festivals | March 10-19, 2023 discussed about the serious security concerns about connected cars. Although no one showed a hack that would allow the criminal to literally take over the car but, Judith Bitterli, one of the panelist and CMO of AVG Technologies, said in a #-Link-Snipped-# that the data being collected by the vehicle is certainly a security concern. Vehicle manufacturers should be clear about what data they are collecting and how are they going to using it. She also suggested that upon ownership change there should be a mechanism to reset the car to the factory settings. Also, if a car is regularly given on rent it should be able to wipe out previous data. Data sent to the systems is not only "safe driving" information, but also the restaurants we search, the music we listen, our messages and even our call logs.

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