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The Extra Big Ford: The New Dictator Of Roads!

Question asked by Farjand in #Coffee Room on Mar 26, 2011
Farjand · Mar 26, 2011
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Engines have been the heart of automobiles and will always remain in future too. The history of engines has been quite interesting, right from the beginning when James watt invented the first steam engine.

In everyday life when efficiency matters, we are left with no other option but either to improvise the existing technology or to invent new things. Well this time there is a new Duratec 2.0-liter gasoline-direct-injection (GDI) four-cylinder engine and is the standard power plant which is expected to be in showrooms in FY 2012. The Company claims to own a leading model for fuel economy in 12 segments.

The company is equipped with the leading model for fuel economy in 12 segments. Ford now sells four models that are rated at 40 mpg or better. The new Focus power plant is not only at the top of the fuel-efficiency pile, but it also develops out the most horsepower which can be thought.

[​IMG]The engine is provided with two cam shafts and is equipped with a variable timing control. The fact is that for an octane number of 91 (which is a regular grade of course); the engine features a compression ratio of 12:1. Perhaps the engine which we are talking about is a European version because it is in Europe that we are having octane number as 91.

Scott Makowski, manager of North America inline-4 engine programs, said “<em>The Duratec GDI — a derivative of the port fuel-injected 2.0-liter engine in the outgoing Focus — isn't just about that 2,000-psi direct-injection setup that delivers a 20-horsepower boost and better torque (a plump 146 pound-feet) in addition to jacked-up efficiency</em>”.

The ongoing wars and uprisings in Middle East have only added to the rise of fuel prices. Hence the reality is oil prices are going to rise with or without a war. So it is only the need of hour to develop an efficient engine. In our case it is the Duratec 2.0-liter gasoline-direct-injection (GDI) four-cylinder engine.

Another aspect is about intake valves. Stephen Russ, the Duratec GDI's technical leader for combustion said, “<em>Don't fret about deposits on the back of the intake valves that have plagued some other manufacturers' direct-injected gasoline engines</em>”. But he called “<em>Intake-valve deposits </em><em>‘</em><em>a fact of life</em><em>’</em><em> for GDI engines because they lack the raw gasoline sucked in over the intake valves of a conventional port-injected engine to </em><em>‘</em><em>wash</em><em>’</em><em> the valves</em>”. Ford Company says that it has figured out the proper injection-timing calibration to help eliminate the problem.

But it is a common thing that an engine may be as efficient as you make it, but nothing that we construct is 100% perfect. Every other engine suffers from the deposits formed in the valves and GDI is no different. Even if we add ‘additives’ still the problem appears sometime or the other. But according to what I can say, I believe that this engine will at least perform close to ideal if not ideal and further more we will be able to easily detect any changes in performance.

All this is technology and is good and great but in my opinion the ford should release the six speed manual and giving it a better mileage. At least every compact car comes with a manual and is sold throughout the political boundaries of that Nation. But with GDI can we assume that we will no longer see the manuals? The questions are unending and perhaps only the time has answers for them. The only things that man can do are Three W’s i.e. work, wait and watch.

News Source: InsideLine Image Source: Ibtimes Posted in: #Coffee Room

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