The CE Ultimate Layoff - 2008 Discussion Thread

Welcome to CE ULT - 2008 discussion thread. I hate to title the thread like that, but I think I've no better option. This thread aims to keep track of layoffs in the industry. Everyone is requested to contribute to thread so that we keep track of layoffs occurring all around the world.

Let me start with the bad news: Most of the Indian Companies are planning for 25-30 % of their workforce! [ Source: Post Diwali dhamaka: 25-30% job cuts in offing - Business ]

Let me set the ball rolling :-

1. L&T Infotech is laying off people from its offices. Our internal unofficial sources said the HR walks around the cubicles and hands over the pink slip to the employees. The employees are then asked to leave the campus in 1 hour time.

2. NVIDIA laid off 10% of its employees. I do not have the details.

Anyone's got update?


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