The CE Innovator Contest


As we say, engineers are eternal. We've been making world a better place to live by bringing improvement/innovation in everything that surrounds us.

Here's presenting the one of its kind contest exclusively for our CEans!

..::The CE Innovator Contest::..

Contest in brief: Pick up any engineering creation around you [Ex: Telephone, Laptop, Car, Table Fan, Shoe, A software, blah blah] and write an article [500-1000 words] describe how can you bring an improvement to it. For example, one of the ideas discussed on CE Forums was converting the sound (energy) of motorcycle silencer into electrical energy to power the digital speedometer!

Rules [Ah! :x ] :

1. Submit original ideas/articles, please.
2. The article can be submitted in any format, along with supporting pictures, links et al. Feel free to submit your ideas in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf or .text format. You MUST submit the articles to:: articles at crazyengineers dot com
3. Do NOT use 'SMS' Text in your articles.
4. You may submit one or more ideas - but only 1 article.
5. You need not go into technical aspects of implementing your idea. Explain the idea in simple words so that all CEans will be able to understand your idea.
6. We reserve the right to publish your article on CE Forum & CE Portal.
7. If you are not good in English, get in touch with our editorial [editorial at crazyengineers dot com] and we will help you write your article. Don't worry.

1. Instant World-Wide Recognition! We don't mind putting your awesome photograph along with the article.
2. A super-cool CrazyEngineers T-Shirt.
3. CrazyEngineers certificate of appreciation. How cool it'd be to have "Innovator Contest Winner" in your profile! Imagine!
4. Custom tag (CE Innovator) on CE Forums.


This is first of its kind contest we're running and therefore we've been skeptical about the response. However, we managed to convince, Er. Ashok Katdare [Ex-Chief Engineer, Home – MAHAGENCO, India] to judge the contest! If the response is overwhelming, our editorial team will do the initial screening. We'll also write our analysis on winning article(s).

Note that the articles will be judges on the basis of originality of idea, the impact of your suggested improvement on the surroundings (including all of us) etc.

Questions? : Click Here-> #-Link-Snipped-#

Note: The contest ends on October 25, 2008.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I repeat -

    The contest ends on 25[sup]th[/sup] October!

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