The Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist

This book is for the school student aspiring to become a scientist and for adults trying to help them do it. With forewords by Prof.C.N.R.Rao and Physics NL Georges Charpark, the book is a random walk in science from Astronomy to Physiology. Using common objects, the aspirant conducts experiments one for each day of the year that open the door to the mysteries of science and the flood gates of her/his imagination.

The book was recently released By Ms.Nicole Ostrowsky, the author, at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore a few days back. The book in English is published in association with the French Embassy in India

The Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist
by Nicole Ostrowsky
Pub: Universities Press
ISBN: 978 81 7371753 6
Price: INR 425


  • ProdigiousJ
    Thank-You! I'm actually working with a Master at the moment who has a double major in Physics and CSS programming. I might have to get the book and see if i could begin an apprenticeship. My main struggle is mathematics which is what he teaches. Ironically i hit the INTJ personality type from Meyers Briggs which is titled, "The Scientist". 😉 Thanks again for the valuable information.

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