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The 10 Exabyte Storage System Will Make You Dumbstruck!

Question asked by Abhishek Swain in #Coffee Room on Jan 25, 2012
Abhishek Swain
Abhishek Swain · Jan 25, 2012
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It feels very good to see your system powered by a high-speed processor with tons of storage. But do you think of any limitations that a portable hard drive gain when put to your computer? Cleversafe, an object based storage vendor announced an aesthetic storage system that can provide a storage capacity of 10 exabytes (1 billion gigabytes) of data in a single pool of capacity. Wildly guessing, a terabyte of storage can store up to 300 hours of video. In comparison to that the Cleversafe’s storage system can store 1 million times as much data. Cleversafe said, 4.5 million 3.5 TB hard drives are required to build the 10 exabyte storage system. Modern day’s hard drives with 3.5 TB storage capacity costs somewhat around $150. But to design the spinning disks alone for the giant storage system, it would cost $705 million or more.

Image Credit: gigaom

In addition, Russ Kennedy, Vice President of Cleversafe’s Product Strategy, said that the entire system along with racks, networking equipments and software would run in single digits of dollars. The company has not yet build the working version of the storage system. However it has designed and released a reference configuration that is tens of petabytes, to eight states including New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas and Illinois.

Kennedy even said that, to any company, data is a priceless asset. It is only valuable if a company can effectively analyze the data over time and analyze its behavior as well. This new limitless storage system wide opens new gates for Big Data Analytics where big data tools are employed to examine and analyze IP traffic patterns for any intrusion or fraudulent activity.

The 10 exabyte architecture has been designed to allow scaling of storage capacity and performance through a system called Portable Datacenter which is more or less a collection of storage and network racks which offers great mobility. Basically each PD (Portable Datacenter) contains 21 racks with 189 storage nodes where each node holds 45 3 TB hard drives. It has been seen that there is a lot of interest for this technology from the Fortune 50 companies.


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