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Text Editing In iDevices Set To Get Faster - iOS Hack

Question asked by cooltwins in #Gadgets on May 7, 2012
cooltwins · May 7, 2012
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Here is some news for people who have jailbroken iPads and iPhones. Text editing on your devices can be made faster. A YouTube user Daniel Hooper published his text-editing concept video recently and the concept, which shows a possible future improvement in iPad text editing, looks good enough to be incorporated in a revision of iOS.

Image Source: Blogote

When this text editing concept is incorporated in your phone, editing the text is much easier. Instead of selection on the text itself, hand gestures on the surface of the iPad or iPhone can be used to move the cursor and if you want to select some text, press the virtual shift key when you use the same hand movements. There is more. A one finger drag moves the cursor around slowly and a two finger drag moves the cursor at a faster speed.

Developer Kyle Howells released SwipeSelection using Hooper’s concept on the unofficial app store Cydia. It is now available for the jailbroken devices at the store for free. Have a look at the video below to get a better idea -

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Via: Electronista Posted in: #Gadgets

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