Terrorists are Patriots In their Own Country/Community - Agree or Disagree?

This was the topic of GD in our college recently. It turned out to be a very heated debate.

Many facets were discussed, some of which were:

"Terrorists are not born. They take up to violent measures to fight for their country or community, because if they don't they might get killed."

Whereas some said,

"Terrorists can not be patriots, because one doesn't kill for one's own rights."

I ask CEans to put forward their views.


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Terrorists are people who are selfish, i.e. they like to get what they want, by the use of cruel measures to accomplish their aims. If a terrorist was a patriot in his/her own country, then whom we call as soldiers are the same in some other country(just because they kill others).

    The difference is a real soldier fights to control disaster and protect the common people from danger, while terrorists fight to create disaster and terror within the people (just to prove their might).

    P.S.: Ultimately neither War nor Terrorism has any power, other than cause a lot of bloodshed, waste of resources and in the end kill our planet!

    It's amazing to think that all these wars, terrorist activities, etc, are all the ideas of evil men who are few in number, yet the remaining billion or more population of the world suffer just because of these men??

    The truth is, no one has the right to take somebody else's life. But, it's impossible to think of a world without sin, because otherwise everything would be JUST perfect. And nobody likes living in a perfect world (otherwise how would those killers be born???)
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Expecting more replies here. We had a heated discussion in the actual GD.
    I am sure this is a matter that everyone can scratch their heads about.
    Simple rule: Bad people are bad. But it is difficult to decide that someone is bad.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    And new ideas on this folks?

    P.S.: Expecting a decent reply. ☕
  • pratap singh, upendra
    pratap singh, upendra

    well I cannot restrain myself from commenting on such a major but delicate issue.

    To my mind the terrorists as we call them can never be patriots in any sense whatsoever.
    Because neither their activities nor their intentions have anything to do with the well being of their family, community or the country as a whole.

    In my definition, they remain a minority group that is either forced to become terrorists or the ones that are taught the pros of bloodshed, principle of might, methods of safe guarding their own interests, (in any way) right from their very childhood. The necessity of war, bloodshed are carefully and effectively inculcated in them right from their early days to such an extent they never come out of that glory world. In this event they never learn the value goodwill faith and die in an unsatisfied, aggrieved state. They during their training period are taught the evils of religious discrimination in such a manner that they do not consider the necessity of consulting their own holy books. They are mislead throughout their life and always consider themselves to be working for the good faith of their country and religion while in reality they are going just against their religion in all the ways possible.

    They should never be given the title of patriots because a patriot is the one who can lay down his life for the sake of his country and people without discriminating among the people, religion, community that reside in his country. Such people remain the glory stars of which every country should feel proud for.

    Because the soldiers and terrorists have nothing in common they should never be given this status. Calling them patriots would actually disgrace the country to which they belong.....

    shall always welcome comments opposing my views...........

    thank a lot for your patient hearing.....


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Thank you for reviving this debate topic.

    They should never be given the title of patriots because a patriot is the one who can lay down his life for the sake of his country and people without discriminating among the people, religion, community that reside in his country.
    The question here is not whether killing others or killing oneself is proper. Because, laying down his life for the country is a "non-violent" way of revolt.
    But, take a moment to remember some of the patriots in India. Many of them killed a lot of British Officers. For eg: Chandrashekhar Azar or Bhagat Singh. So, since they spread 'terror' among the British officials, would we term them terrorists and not patriots? No.

    So, that makes us come to a conclusion that, if you kill for a supposedly 'noble cause', you are doing fine. 😕
    I keep wondering, if terrorists do kill for 'No Reason', what must be prompting them to take such extreme measures? How can bloodshed be an excuse for anything?
  • Scorpion007
    I am not very intelligent to answer this question but I wana to put my ideas. There is a very thin line between Terrorists and Patriots.It is the matter of angle and thought you look at them.
    For example at the time of slavery Bhagat singh ,Chandra shekhar and many Revolutionist are Patriots for us (Still now) but for Britishers they are Terrorists.
    But I think there is a basic difference between them. PATRIOTS always fight for Weak people and their rights but TERRORISTS kills common people and spread Terror.
  • babumoshaaye
    One countries' terrorist is another countries' freedom fighter.

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